He Built A Hamster Sanctuary Because Hamsters Gonna Hamster!

12 Feb , 2016  

The Pipsqueakery is a foster home for hamsters in Bloomington, Indiana. Founded in 2012, the Pipsqueakery has helped over 250 exotic little guys. Billed as a “Hamster Sanctuary,” their motto is “Hamsters gonna hamster.” They also take in some mice and the occasional chinchilla.

The owner, Alex Hernly, says it’s not all cuddles and feels. It’s hard work.


Alex states:

“Although caring for the hamsters is certainly a full-time job as far as the time it requires, we both work full-time outside the home. In fact, one of us is a lawyer and one of us is a nurse! In case you’re wondering, and I know some of you are: No, we don’t make any money running The Pipsqueakery. Actually we spend a lot of our own money!”

But he has a sense of humor:


Mandatory Disclaimer: My hamsters don’t actually drive cars, play on the beaches, eat birthday cake, play in the snow wearing elf hats, or eat giant chocolate kisses (even though chocolate is safe for them in moderation). They definitely don’t sell lemonade because  that would totally be a health department violation. However, they do practice psychiatry. There are appointments available on Wednesdays from noon to 2 pm.

There’s currently 62 hamsters in residence at the Pipsqueakery.

Alex says:

“We foster for EARPS, Inc., do some rescue on our own, find forever homes for adoptable hamsters, and keep the medically or behaviorally challenging hamsters.We have maintained our longstanding relationship with EARPS, Inc., and have made some new friends along the way too like Ham-Ham House in Pittsburgh, PA.”

If you would like to adopt a hamster and/or support The Pipsqueakery go here to visit their website.

Or just head to their site or Tumbler and just stare. And smile. Hamsters Gonna Hamster!

(All Photos: The Pipsqueakery)

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