How She Decorates Her Easter Eggs Left Me In AWE! You’ve Never Seen Eggs Like THIS Before!

17 Feb , 2016   Video

You’ve probably tried many different ways to decorate your Easter Eggs, but I guarantee you’ve never something like this! Grab your favorite nail polish, those loose rubber bands and some vibrant napkins and create a colorful Easter Egg hunt to remember! SHARE the Love! SHARE the Story!



Mother of Six Builds Most Efficient Laundry Room Ever… For Under $400

17 Feb , 2016   Video

Ronda Batchelor has 6 kids so she knows a little something about laundry. Tired of how inefficient her laundy room was she decided to make some major DIY changes. And with only $400 and her imagination she created the most efficient laundry room ever! Nice work Ronda!



Spectacular, Delicate And Unique Necklaces Preserve Flowers in Their Pendants

12 Feb , 2016  

Paula Schiau started making jewelry in 2012 just for herself. It was only when friends and family encouraged her that she opened an Etsy Shop called Resity. She says, “I was like a child on his first day of school until my first customer “stepped” into my little online store and made my first sale. […]



No Sew Pillow Sham Technique Is No Sham. This Is So Simple.

12 Feb , 2016   Video

No sew pillow shams are all the rage on Pinterest! Who knew! In this short, informative video the Stitch and Sew Studio shares an ingenious no sew pillow sham technique. Have fun!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 7.47.16 PM


Build A LEGO-style House In A Couple Of Weeks With A Screwdriver

12 Feb , 2016  

Ever put together an Ikea bookshelf? Great! Now you can build a beautiful house in a couple of weeks. Introducing the Pop Up House! It’s a custom home building system that allows you to build a house without power tools or heavy machinery. All you need is treated lumber, insulation blocks and wood screws!



Learn How To Refinish Your Ugly Laminate Counter Tops So They Look Like Stone

10 Feb , 2016   Video

In this video, you can learn how to refinish your ugly laminate counter tops using specialty paint and Envirotex Lite epoxy resin. Watch old counters get a new stylish, glossy finish with the appearance of natural stone or granite. Don’t replace dated counters ever again, refinish them! For more tips, photos, instructions, and frequently asked questions […]



Instead Of Trashing This Old, Unused Nightstand, He Transforms It Into Something That I Must Have

9 Feb , 2016   Video

Here’s one for our canine friends! Upcycle an old nightstand and create a beautiful and unique homemade dog feeder. I love this idea!



16-yr-old Inventor Builds Cereal Vending Machine…Completely Out Of Lego

7 Feb , 2016   Video

Built with LEGO Mindstorms, this Cheerios vending machine dispenses milk and cereal when a coin is inserted into the slot. Breakfast will never be the same again!      

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.55.59 PM


Make A Beautiful Valentine’s Box Of Flowers

5 Feb , 2016   Video

If your sweetheart is one-of-a-kind, it’s only fitting to treat them to an unexpected twist on tradition that says I heart you with a handmade touch. The chic boxed arrangements of Agnès B. florist in Hong Kong inspired this V-Day DIY that’s the perfect way to show your love is in bloom. Life may be […]



Thousands Of Women In India Create World’s Largest Crochet Blanket

5 Feb , 2016  

Almost 2,500 women in India gathered together to crochet the world’s largest blanket last month. Joining together in the Facebook group called Mother India’s Crochet Queens, the crocheting ladies ranged from age 6 to 85 years old. Stretching to 11,148 square meters, the Guinness World Record blanket was later disassembled and donated to charity.



The Amazingly Simple Way To Wind Yarn

4 Feb , 2016  

Here’s an incredibly simple life hack brought to you by ‘BogoVideo’. Learn how to wind up a roll of yarn in the fastest possible way. Source: Life hack: How to quickly wind up yarn by BogoVideo on Rumble



I Was Bewildered When She Boiled Her Toothbrush, But When I Saw The End Result, I Must Have This!

30 Jan , 2016   Video

Accessories can make or break an outfit. It’s all about the little things. Whether its earrings, scarves, necklaces, or bracelets, the perfect accessory accentuates an outfit and brings out the subtleties that make it great. But with jewelry and other accessories seemingly more expensive these days, how can you accomplish the same result without spending your savings? […]