Brooklyn Bar & Restaurant Cooks Up A Killer Pot Pie With Style

6 Feb , 2016  

Eugene & Company is a small restaurant and bar in Brooklyn. Jeff Shields is the chef and he just happens to make a sublime pot pie. “I love this recipe because it’s my wife’s longtime favorite dish,” he tells Design Sponge. He adds, “The dish is hearty and great for entertaining — you can put it in the oven before entertaining, so the smell of it cooking wafts through your home as guests arrive. There’s also something very nostalgic about seeing a hot pie pulled out of the oven. It’s a great all-season dish paired with a leafy salad in the summer, or roasted vegetables in the winter.

Sounds like the perfect comfort food for a cold winter night. Why not try cooking it yourself? Grab the whole recipe at Design Sponge. And let us know how it turns out in the comment. We’d love to know.

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Sublime Chicken Pot Pie