Four Strangers Rely On Facebook To Help Save A Stolen Baby

29 Jan , 2016   Video

A mother was reunited with her stolen baby recently thanks to the help of four non-official investigators. Simon Boisclair and Melissa McMahon from Canada had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Victoria. While enjoying their little miracle, a nurse came to take Victoria for some routine tests.

Sounds reasonable right? Instead the so-called “nurse” walked out of the hospital with little Victoria minutes later.

When officials realized what happened, they quickly called the police and released pictures of the woman and information about the car she was driving. While doing what young adults usually do – browsing Facebook – four locals saw the news flash on social media and felt compelled to act.

They went out in search of the kidnapper and upon a closer look at the surveillance footage of the woman, one of them recognized the woman as a close neighbor. They drove over to the apartment building and discovered that the woman was inside and after calling the authorities the child was safely rescued and back into her parents arms.

Thanks to their quick action this story has a happy ending.

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