101 Ways To Go Zero Waste Is A Practical How-To For Sustainable Living

Kathryn Kellog’s 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste is the family home user-manual that everyone serious about sustainable living needs.

kathryn kellogg
Kathryn Kellogg, Author

Kathryn backs her advice with her own practical, real-life experience. This is a woman who can fit all of her household’s waste for the last 2 years into a 16 oz mason jar! Seriously.

Yes, this isn’t your usual well-intentioned rant, there are 101 genuinely practical tips for you to turn your household waste from a mountain into a molehill.

Huge Volumes Of Waste

You average American, according to the EPA, is sending over 4lbs of trash into the garbage system which ends at a landfill, every single day of their lives.

They wear a piece of clothing just 7 times before they throw it away.

Many things, like non-reusable plastic, have a lifespan of less than 15 minutes before they go in the trash can!

The objective of Zero Waste is to go beyond recycle, reuse and reduce and to try to send nothing whatsoever to a landfill.

It provides a framework, based on American ingenuity and experience, to help you reduce your impact on the planet to the bare minimum.

For even more great ideas and strategies to achieve zero waste check out Kathryn’s Zero Waste Blog.

The Solution Is Simple

It involves learning to create your own products for home use. To eat well using fresh, local product and food that you grow yourself. To eliminate expensive cleaning products and to replace them with inexpensive ones you can make at home.

You could also try shopping in these online zero-waste stores.

This is the book that everyone in America needs. It will save you money while you save the planet.

You can check out 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste By Kathryn Kellogg online here.