7 Official Differences Between Dog Lovers And Dog Parents

31 Mar , 2016  



THIS is Why You Should Drink Lemon Water!

31 Mar , 2016  

It’s almost insane how much this daily habit can do for you. Have a quick look at something that can really change your life for the better.

Doubleback VW Camper

Design, Technology

Is It A Van? Is It A Small Camper? You Have to See for Yourself… Wow!

31 Mar , 2016   Video

The big thing right now? Getting small. We’ve seen the trend in tiny homes and micro apartments, and now we’re seeing it expand to the next-biggest purchase most of us will ever make: our cars! This Volkswagen vehicle is a prime example. It looks like a normal van, but in reality it’s a camper that […]


This Parrot Has A Deep Love Affair With… It’s Nuts!

31 Mar , 2016  

Macaws are beautiful, brilliantly colored members of the parrot family, and they’re also highly intelligent. Sam here, for example, expresses his love for nuts by saying “mmmm” after each bite! Make Sure You LIKE US on Facebook To Get More Awesome Stories And Exclusive Giveaways!