Nerd Rewrites ’50 Shades Of Grey’ And It’s Better Than The Original

27 Apr , 2016  

Fifty Shades Of Grey has been a target for parodies since it was published. See Fifty Sheds of Grey, Fifty Shades of O.J, Fifty Shades of Black, etc. And they are all hilarious. But none of them are as funny as 50 Nerds Of Grey! With over 200k followers this Twitter account hilarious. And it’s safe for […]


12 Honest Dog Breed Slogans That Make Fun Of Stereotypes

27 Apr , 2016  

Some dog breeds like pit bulls get a bad rap because of negative stereotypes, and as we all know, they’re more false than true. Freelance Illustrator Laura Palumbo pokes fun at some of the associations when it comes to some dog breeds with her series of minimalist illustrations. “Many people I know say they would […]