A Billion Vegetables?

Who would have thought that a vegan food review app from Singapore could suddenly find itself on the receiving end of $2 million?


Well, that’s what happened when venture capital heard about Abillionveg.com’s focus on vegan food, restaurants and products.

Vegans, The Time Is Now

Yes, with the rising tide of interest in a healthier plant-based way of living, a good quality idea that is of value to millions of vegans is bound to be commercially successful but is Abillionveg any good?

Well, we decided to give it a test run on your behalf and we’re happy to report that we’ve enjoyed our experience with this app and intend to keep it as a permanent addition to our smartphone’s app library.

Vegan Restaurants Are Excellent

The restaurant reviews are the big highlight and given that this is where the app first started, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is a lot of detailed and useful information there.

If you want to know where you can grab a quick vegan bite or if you need something a bit more upscale, they’ve got you covered.

The product reviews are a more recent addition and there are probably quite a few gaps there, but we couldn’t find anything significant that was missing and once again, the user generated data is really very good.

One thing we really liked about this platform is that it seems to be “troll-free” at least for now.

We can recommend this app to any vegan, it’s great.

You can download A Billion Veg from their website.

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