A Trillion Trees Outlines How We Can Reforest Our World

There are a lot of well-intentioned eco-friendly books that are, well, boring. 

Sure, it’s nice to have a good argument in favor of being kind to the planet, but we need more to keep our attention.

Fred Pearce’s A Trillion Trees is anything but boring and we’re super happy to recommend it to you. 

What We Love About A Trillion Trees

The easiest way to offset carbon (yes, even easier than using a service like this one) is to grow more trees.

Trees are the planet’s lungs. 

a trillion trees

Fred Pearce embodies the spirit of adventure travel as he takes us on a tour of the planet’s forests and how they have been destroyed and how some may soon recover.

And most of all, he shows us that nature, if given the opportunity to do so, can solve the climate crisis far better than we can. 

Final Thoughts On A Trillion Trees

This is an exciting adventurous book which not only explores the world through its forests but offers real optimism that we can do better and that it may not take lots of work and money to do so.

We’d recommend A Trillion Trees to anyone, even those that aren’t yet, eco-aware, it’s just brilliant. 

If you love trees as much as we do, you might enjoy learning about the Daisugi, a Japanese tree art, and forest bathing for your own happiness too. 

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