Acquiring Genomes: A Theory Of The Origin Of Species

Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan go on the scientific attack in Acquiring Genomes and challenge the assumptions many of us have about evolution and the world around us.

They argue that instead of being the dominant factor in evolution, random genetic mutation is, in fact, a very minor part of how evolution really takes place. 

Why We Love Acquiring Genomes

Lynn and Dorion go on to show that it is symbiosis, the act of two (or more) species living in harmony that allows genes to migrate between species to drive evolution. 

Acquiring Genomes

They show that speciation, the creation of new species, must be driven by this mechanism rather than random chance. 

All of this is based in science and the authors provide huge amounts of data and evidence to support their position. 

Final Thoughts On Acquiring Genomes

We’re not sufficiently qualified in biology to adjudicate on the challenges of evolutionary theory but we found Acquiring Genomes to be well argued and completely fascinating. 

Even if it’s not the absolute answer to evolution, we suspect it holds a lot of truth. 

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You can grab a copy online here.