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We actively support Activist Skincare.

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If you want to take better care of your skin but you also want to take better care of the planet, it can be pretty confusing to find a skincare brand that’s aligned with your needs.

Fortunately, there’s one brand that’s built its reputation around delivering just that – Activist Skincare.

Activist Skincare Is For Activism

This brand is built around understanding that the world needs more activism and it needs it now and it needs it on an unprecedented scale.

The speed at which environmental destruction has been wrought over previous decades means that we need a new culture that is built around our wellbeing and the wellbeing of the world.

They say that the only way to achieve this is to ensure that our bodies, minds and spirits get the right self-care without that, we cannot hope to be energized enough to be activists as we need to be.

An All-Natural Approach

So, they make skincare products that are meant to help fuel your activism.

This begins by using all-natural ingredients that are always safe to use no matter what your skin type is and they are all designed with low waste in mind because polluting the planet is not cool.

Their ingredients must all be 100% vegan and they only use suppliers with similar ideals to themselves because sustainability throughout the supply chain is essential.

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This is their way of ensuring the products are genuinely as good for the planet as they are for your skin.

Finally, they donate 5% of revenue (that’s revenue not profits and thus, a much bigger number than 5% of profits) to activism directly through their Activism Ambassador program.

Products That We Love

We like a lot of their products but two stand out as our all-time favorites.

The first is the Sea to Skin Cleansing gel which smells just like ocean in a tub!

When you use it your skin stays soft and almost dewy to the touch and it’s fabulous.

activist cleansing gel

We’re also big fans of their relief gel which is designed to soothe away your everyday aches and pains.

activist relief balm

The lemongrass, wintergreen, peppermint and shea butter combination smells great. And once you’ve massaged it in, it feels fantastic!

We love Activist Skincare.

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