Alexandra K Creates Unique Vegan Handbags We Love

Do you want to know how much we love Alexandra K?

Enough to put them on our list of the best vegan handbag brands and enough to realize that they needed their own showcase here. 

That’s because Alexandra K’s vegan bags are amazing and so is the company making them.

Why We Love Alexandra K

In 2014, Alexandra K came into being with the intention of creating environmentally-friendly vegan handbags. 

Since then they’ve been producing their products in Poland with their workforce all being paid fair wages and using the widest possible range of vegetable based fabrics.

alexandra k black bag

Every bag comes with its own serial number to demonstrate that it is truly unique. 

They’re fully PETA certified and they carry a bunch of heavyweight environmental certifications too. 

Our Favorite Products

There isn’t a bag that they make at Alexandra K that we don’t love but as have to pick out our absolute favorites, here goes:

The Shopper Black Grape Bulldog. This is a huge bag which can fit everything you need into it and some shopping too! It’s so comfy to carry and we adore the grape leather.

alexandra k shopper bag

The 1.6.1 Mini Purple Corn. Yes, corn-based leather! This mini tote is just gorgeous and perfect for a night out with the girls. 

Final Thoughts On Alexandra K

Any brand leading the charge for cruelty-free fashion is a friend of ours and we think the balance of environmental-friendliness and straight up awesome design makes Alexandra K one of the best. 

If you enjoyed learning about Alexandra K’s vegan bag range can we suggest that you check out Doshi or Angela Roi for more awesome ethical handbags? 

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