All Birds Flys High With Sustainable Sneakers

We all want to feel good in our shoes, but we also want to feel good about our shoes.  That’s where All Birds comes in.  

All Birds Sneakers

They aimed to create a shoe that was both sustainable and environmentally friendly, but they knew that wouldn’t be enough. 

In 2016, there wasn’t enough interest from the public to make that a selling point. So, they launched the “world’s most comfortable” shoes.  

They were environmentally friendly, they had a wool upper and no logo, and completely sustainable too.   They haven’t looked back since. 

The Headline Objective: End Carbon Emissions 

All Birds isn’t playing when it comes to their environmental mission, though. 

They intend to eliminate carbon emissions from every stage of the supply chain. 

That means from the moment that the raw materials are brought into being up to the end of the life of a shoe in landfill. 

They believe that everyone should understand their carbon footprint.  

They’re not there, yet. Currently they product around 7.6 Kg of CO2 per pair of shoes that they make. 

This is in contrast to the 12.5 Kg used to make an average sneaker.  

The Biggest Challenge: Communicating This To The Public 

All Birds say that the hardest part about making this a reality is explaining why it matters to the public at large. 

They say that, for example, plastics in the ocean is an easy issue for people to get to grips with. 

But carbon emissions which trigger climate change? That’s a tougher thing to communicate. 

They’re trying though and they teamed up with Bret McKenzie to make a start as you can see below: 

They’re not worried about competition in this market either.  

They say that if they can convince other shoe companies to drop their CO2 emissions then they’re achieving their mission even if they’re not selling the shoe. 

We love All Birds and we think that if you do!