Allbirds Tree Dashers Are The Greenest Kicks

This amazing running shoes were feature in the Time list of the Best Inventions of 2020.

They boast that these running shoes use under a third of the carbon footprint of a standard sneaker.

However, Allbirds want to be very clear about something – they don’t believe that saving the planet has to come at the cost of a lower performing running shoe, not at all.

Premium Planet Saving Ingredients

They have used premium ingredients such as merino wool (sorry vegans), eucalyptus, castor-bean oil and sugarcane to deliver a green kick that enhances the performance of the shoe.

allbirds tree-dasher

So, eucalyptus fibers are naturally cooling, for example. The wool is meant to help the shoe maintain a comfortable temperature throughout.

The sugarcane, on the other hand, provides a level of cushioning underfoot that is second to none.

This doesn’t mean you should run a marathon in them but they’re ideal for running about town or for a quick jog when the mood takes you.

There are men’s tree dashers and women’s tree dashers too, so everyone can run for a better planet.

Looking for shoes that will make the planet better that aren’t running shoes?

Then check out our list of the best vegan shoe brands, it rocks.

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