8 Best Amazon Alternatives For Essentials

We all need to buy things sometimes, right? And thanks to Covid-19 that means most of us are heading online and using Amazon, but what are the Amazon alternatives?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Amazon then we’ve put together a list of our fave places for sustainable, organic and ethical products.

Check out our Amazon alternatives. And then head over to our article on zero waste stores so that you can make all your shopping better for the planet and each other.

Thrive Market | Food & Drink

best amazon alternative

This one’s easy to do. You pay $5 a month and they provide you with access to thousands of organic products (that are also sustainable) and you save money when you compared to buying these things at retail.

Thrive Market is like Costco but for people who care about the planet.

Grove Collaborative | Household Products And Personal Care

Amazon Alternatives

You can hit up Grove Collaborative if you want ecologically sound products for your home that are also guaranteed to be cruelty free and nontoxic.

This is a subscription service but that allows them to offset their carbon footprint and you don’t have to subscribe, you can just pick products and order as you would on Amazon.

Made Trade | Bedding Made Easy

Bedding Made Easy

Whether it’s a pillow, a blanket or a full set of bedding, Made Trade is a great place to pick up sustainably made products for your bedroom.

Everything’s made in the USA and they have a huge list of ethical credentials too.

They also donate one percent of their proceeds to other good causes! You can’t go wrong with that, right?

Credo | Beauty Products

credo beauty

Credo carries a bunch of our favorite natural and organic beauty products (you can check out some of the ones we really love at our recent article on cruelty-free makeup).

They make sure there are no dangerous or harmful ingredients in anything that they sell and thus, they make it easy to browse with confidence.

Highly recommended.

Package Free Shop | Home & Kitchen – Bulk Buying

zero waste package free

We don’t recommend bulk buying products that you won’t ever get around to using that’s not at all environmentally friendly but with that proviso in mind; the Package Free Shop is awesome.

They have nearly everything you need for your home and kitchen and they have it in quantity.

And the large pack sizes mean big savings for you.

The Detox Market | Wellness Products

detox low waste

We all want products that promote better health, right? But we also want those products to be good for the world around us.

That’s what you find at The Detox Market.

Hundreds of brands try to get featured here but only the best succeed because they vet every single one to ensure that their products are safe and valuable for their users.

It’s awesome.

Uncommon Goods | Gifts, Jewelry, etc.

uncommon quality

Sometimes, you just want something that will freshen up life a little bit and that’s when you want something unique and filled with personality.

That’s what Uncommon Goods is all about – creating experiences in objects.

There are so many creative products here that you’ll fall in love almost instantly.

We can almost guarantee it.

Better World Book | Books and Book-related things

better world

This is the right way to shop for books.

Better World Books is a specialist in pre-loved and pre-used books and media.

We love the easy way you can flick through their massive collection and find something that’s just perfect for right here and now.

They even carry audiobooks, and you can save a fortune there.

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