Angela Roi Crafts Luxury Vegan Handbags For All

angela roi handbags

There are many generalist vegan brands out there in the fashion world, but Angela Roi is not another generalist brand.

They do one thing and they do it very well, indeed.

They make vegan handbags and we think it’s worth taking a look at the company with the potential to become a vegan Prada.

What Is the Angela Roi Origin Story?

Angela Roi is a homegrown brand and it started life in 2013 in New York.

Angela and Roi Lee, a married couple, wanted to create something that was based on their values as well as “love and kindness”.

They say that for too long fashion has demanded that people sacrifice their comfort for their style, their money for quality products and their morals for the materials that are used.

angela roi founder

They felt that the time was ripe to create a brand that took a stand against this need to sacrifice.

They built a company which uses only ethical materials at a reasonable price while ensuring that women who use their products look awesome and can truly reflect their individuality and personality through their bags.

Every Angela Roi handbag is made by hand and they use only non-animal-based materials throughout the production of their bags.

They say that the guiding principle in their design is “no trade-offs, no shortcuts” when it comes to delivering on the promise of the brand.

The Angela Roi Community

Who uses Angela Roi bags? Who are the fans of this high-quality vegan craftsmanship?

Well, they see themselves as a culturally diverse group that spans all political, economic and social groupings with a taste for the sophisticated.

angela roi is a great brand

They recognize that not everyone is vegan and don’t pressure them to be so!

They see the people who use these bags as weighing their choices for the impact they have on the world around them.


How Are Angele Roi Handbags Made?

We’ve learned that their bags are handmade, but this isn’t done using child labor or sweatshops.

They pay fair wages to their producers and try to provide the best possible environment for their staff to work in.

peta approved

The senior management team visits each factory on a quarterly basis to ensure that their standards are being met.

The non-vegan materials used in the bag’s construction are certified as ethical by the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The Quality Of The Angela Roi Products

The bags are designed and manufactured by craftspeople.

The materials are often processed several time to deliver the feel that customers demand from their handbags.

The zips and closures are all top quality to ensure that the bags stay shut when you want them to.

Each product is given a month’s stress testing before it is approved for sale.

They say that this delivers premium designer quality and performance, but they don’t cost anywhere near as much as typical designer labels.

Angela Roi is a really exciting fashion brand specializing in handbags in the vegan space.

It’s great to see a premium designer emerge to challenge the might of the leisure industry and their products are fantastic.

You can even get involved in helping them craft the perfect luxury vegan bag just for you in their interactive Design Studio.

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