The Best Cat Litter Box Ever Made And The Last One You’ll Ever Buy

9 Feb , 2016  


This ingenious three tray perpetual sifting litter system is the smartest, cleanest and last litter box you’ll ever have to buy.

What if you only had to buy one litter box? Ever. They designed The Luuup Litter Box to be the last litter box you’ll ever have to buy.

After selling almost two million units of the original version, we knew we had a great product. The goal of the redesign was to make the best litter box, period. We improved functionally, the quality of materials and construction along with the overall aesthetics. In a sea of uninspired and mundane design, we’ve created a litter box that is as pleasing to look at as it is to use.

We understand that cat litter boxes are ugly and unpleasant to deal with but are a necessary and important household item. It was our mission to change all that with Luuup. Through every step of our journey, we’ve held your needs at the core of everything we’ve done; obsessing over every element and functional detail while exercising great care and consideration with each aspect of our product development, to ensure we’ve created the very best litter box.


You can get the Luuupon the Kickstarter page here.