Chill The F* Out | Get an Apothékary Self-Care Kit

Apothékary is a modern-day herbal apothecary for the Instagram age.

They deliver science and plant-based medicinals for mind and body well-being.

Apothékary Sample Kit

Damn, their products look great! They had me at old-timey test tubes!

Apothékary is a herbal apothecary founded by Shizu Okusa, a former Goldman Sachs banker.

Okusa-san’s naturopathic roots lay at the intersection of both Ayurvedic and Kampo Medicine traditions, as well as traditional Japanese homeopathy.

It’s plant-based and science-based.

Their clever slogan says it all: Wellthy is the new wealthy.

If you need help navigating the Ayurvedic path they have a handy quiz that guides you through identifying what is best for your everyday wellness journey!

Chill The F* Out

Apothékary Sample Kit

Our favorite blend has to be their Chill The F* Out.

It’s a serotonin boosting, stress busting elixir and targets cortisol levels.

It’s similar in taste to a peppermint hot chocolate mix and contains Reishi and Ashwagandha.

It’s the perfect winter, apres-ski blend.

Reishi is known as The Queen Healer due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is commonly used as a longevity tonic.

Ashwagandha is one of the most popular root adaptogens mostly employed for stress relief and combating adrenal fatigue.

Anxiety, Brain Fog and Overall Stress

apothekary mind over matter free samples

We’d love to get our hands on the latest addition to their signature blends collection.

It’s called Mind Over Matter and it’s blended for those who experience anxiety, brain fog and overall stress.

It’s a mix of Chaga, Reishi and Lion’s Mane. They also throw in a blend of non-psychedelic mushrooms. Talk about brain food!

Apothékary products are all ethically sourced. They only use USDA Organic Certified, Fair-Trade, and Non-GMO suppliers.

Potential ingredients undergo a rigorous 12-month sourcing, testing and vetting process. They use no fillers. Or chemicals. No shenanigans.

Apothékary Free Sample Kit

Apothékary products are backed by 5,000 years of science and are inspired by Mother Nature.