Are Marigolds Edible?

It might sound a little silly to ask, are marigolds edible?

But if you’ve been following Whole People for a while, you know that there are edible weeds and edible forest gardens, and, indeed, edible plants.

So, it’s not such a silly question and the answer isn’t far-fetched either.

Yes, Marigolds Are Edible

In fact, Leona Woodring Smith in her fantastic book, The Forgotten Art of Flower Cookery, has a whole chapter dedicated to eating marigolds!

She says you can eat the leaves and the petals, you can devour them when they are raw or blanch them, they’re fine when they’re fresh or dried too. 

If you want to eat marigolds, they’re simple to prepare too. Leona advises that you remove the petals from the steam and cut off any “white (or pale greenish) heels” which she advises are a bit on the bitter side. 

edible marigolds

The Power Of Powdered Marigolds

One thing you may not know is that powdered marigolds (you dry them and then crush them into powder) are so good that they’re often used in place of saffron in recipes.

Given that saffron is incredibly expensive, this can save you a small fortune and powdered marigolds look great when sprinkled over cheese straws.

Final Thoughts On Eating Marigolds

Are marigolds edible? Yes, they are and, in fact, for the longest time it would have been absolutely normal to find them in American kitchens. 

The good news is that there’s nothing stopping you from bringing them back into fashion and enjoying the smooth, pleasant taste and they can spice up everything from a salad to soups. 

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