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Samuel Mitchell

What Is Regenerative Gardening?

What is Regenerative Gardening

We all want to work with the planet when we garden but what does regenerative gardening mean and where did the idea come from? Is it just another buzzword or is there more substance to it? How Does Regenerative Agriculture…

Is Polyester Vegan?

Is Polyester Vegan

Polyester is a material made from plastic fibers. It’s one of the most popular synthetic materials in use today but we wanted to know if the fiber was vegan or not? We spoke to some environmentalists and some experts in…

Is Viscose Sustainable?

Is Viscose Sustainable

You might not believe it, but viscose is one of the most common fibers used in the textile industry. In fact, industry figures suggest that it’s the third most popular choice of fiber globally. Now, if you haven’t heard of…

Best Thrift Stores in Boston

Best Thrift Stores in Boston

Boston is a cultured and thrilling bastion of American life and its thrift shopping opportunities are as varied and exciting as any other aspect of living in this college town. We’ve put together this helpful list of our favorite stores…

Is Tom Brady a Vegan?

Is Tom Brady a Vegan

Tom Brady is a legend among footballers. He has led the NFL in both passing yards and touchdowns and even in his forties is still one of the fittest men and hardest workers on the planet. But is Tom Brady…

Is Woody Harrelson Vegan?

Is Woody Harrelson a Vegan

His real name is Woodrow Tracy Harrelson but the vast majority of his fans and audiences know him as Woody Harrelson. He’s famous for his gritty performances in blockbuster hits like Natural Born Killers and True Detective and he’s not…