Silent Spring: A Clarion Call for Environmental Action

silent spring classic book review

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, published in 1962, is more than just an environmental science book. It’s a landmark work that ignited the modern environmental movement and continues to resonate today. Carson, a renowned marine biologist, meticulously documented the devastating effects…

​​Recomendo: 500 Brief Reviews Of Cool Stuff

third plate

Recomendo: 500 Brief Reviews Of Cool stuff is an anthology of useful tips from the “Cool Tools” website. Cool Tools is the brainchild of Kevin Kelly who was the founding executive editor of Wired Magazine and the former publisher of…

Greenwashing Explained & Culprits Exposed


We get asked “What is greenwashing?” frequently at Whole People HQ. Going green can be very challenging when you realize that many companies aren’t entirely honest about their green achievements. Claims should ideally be supported with hard data such as…