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The Life & Times of James Lovelock

james lovelock

We’ve got a whole section of our website content dedicated to James Lovelock and his Gaia Theory. So as you might expect we have huge respect for this British scientist. But who is James Lovelock, what exactly is he responsible…

The Life & Times of an Ecocentrist

What Is ecocentrism

The age of the ecocentrist is here. If we want economic growth and population growth it has to be sustainable. And that means considering the intrinsic value of everything, not just human interests. But what are ecocentric values and what…

An Ecotheology Primer


The word theology means “the study of God” (or, perhaps, “the study of religion”) and God’s relationship with people (often through Jesus Christ but not always). Thus, ecoetheology is the study of the relationship expressed between God and the natural…

A Brief History of Ecology (with timeline)

history of ecology

It might be a surprise to you but ecology is a relatively new discipline and while there were a few developments before the 20th century, this science has only really been considered “important” in the last 50 years or so.…