Beekeeping Is Successful PTSD Therapy In Virginia

Veterans can often find it very difficult to readjust to civilian life. Combat is extremely stressful and often leaves people with lasting trauma. 

But would you have expected to find therapy in bees? 

Well, that’s what’s happening in Virginia where there’s a team working to help veterans get back into the swing of things by learning to keep bees.

The bees need all the help they can get as well!

The Veterans and Heroes To Agriculture Program

beekeeping therapy

By getting in touch with nature, it appears that the veterans start to reach some deeper understanding of themselves.

That’s the purpose of the veterans and heroes to agriculture program.

They also find a source of income as beeswax, pollen, propolis, and, of course, honey are profitable.

We’re buzzing with excitement over these results, we bet you are too!

If you’d like to explore what beekeeping could do for you you could get your first lessons in beekeeping, invest in a beekeeping starter kit and maybe a bee feeder or two?

Beekeeping is awesome and it’s not just veterans that can benefit from it. 

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