12 Awesome Benefits of Tiny Homes, According To Enthusiasts

While it’s true that living in a tiny home isn’t for everyone, there are some really good reasons that everyone should at least consider the idea.

These benefits of living in a tiny home help to build up a powerful case for living a life with less footprint and more fun. 

The Biggest Benefits Of Living In A Tiny Home

Tiny Homes Are The Perfect Starter Home

Getting on the property ladder, in many places, is simply beyond the means of a young couple but a tiny home can be very cheap and contrary to popular myth, you can get finance on a tiny home

Benefits of Tiny Homes

Then it’s just a matter of getting the tiny house plans and your dream of property ownership can begin!

Tiny Homes Time To Build Is Super Fast

Most tiny homes are built to a set of standard specifications that allow for rapid construction and that means you can spend less time building and move in sooner than you might to an ordinary home. 

Tiny Homes Produce Less Construction Waste

Tiny homes, obviously, produce less construction waste than larger homes but, oddly, they also produce less waste per square meter too.

This is because manufacturers tend to be eco-conscious and very aware of what it takes to make a tiny home efficiently. 

Tiny Homes Are More Affordable

Not only do tiny homes have a mighty history that you can be proud of but they have less impact on your wallet than a larger home and that’s always good news, right?

Tiny Homes Can Easily Be Moved

As we noted in our guide to tiny homes, one of the really cool things about this type of dwelling is that can be built onto a trailer and that means if you want to move, your house can move with you. 

Home Trailer

If you fancy the nomadic life this can be a real bonus when buying a home that will always be home. 

Tiny Homes Can Be Faster To Get Approved

It’s not always true but often the planning permission and permits required for tiny homes are cheaper and faster to push through. 

If you work with your tiny home provider, they can probably help guide you through this process even faster too. 

Tiny Homes Are Energy Efficient

 Most tiny homes tend to be designed with energy efficiency in mind and can be used easily in combination with solar, wind or micro hydro power and that means if you want to go off-grid, it’s pretty easy to do so. 

Tiny Homes Take Less Effort To Clean

OK, yeah, this is a bit obvious but you’re going to spend less time cleaning a home with a couple of hundred square feet of floor space than a mansion and this is awesome news.


Time is the only commodity in life you never have twice, so getting it back is always a good thing. 

Tiny Homes Have Less Of A Footprint

Well, duh, right? But because of their size, tiny homes are often much easier to situate on land and require less effort clearing the site and may even be easier to link to utilities too. 

It’s Hard To Live In A Mess

If you’ve learned to let clutter build up around you, then a tiny home is going to force a new kind of discipline upon you. 


There’s nothing worse than living in a tiny home where all the space you have is cluttered, so you’re going to be motivated to get it tidy and organized. 

Tiny Homes Can Help Cut Down Commuting Times

When you can put your home nearly anywhere, you can probably put it closer to the office than other options available to you. 

And that means less time spent in the car each day and more time doing things you love. 

Tiny Homes Can Lead To A Higher Quality Of Life

Take all of the above and put them together and you’ll soon realize, you’ll have more time and more money than ever before when you own a tiny home.

That means you’re going to benefit from a higher quality of life. It’s a no-brainer when you think about it, right? 

Final Thoughts On The Benefits of Tiny Homes 

Living in a tiny house brings a ton of benefits and not all of them are obvious, of course, if you can’t live without the space of a more traditional house, that’s fine. 

But if you can?

Then you can enjoy life to the fullest without putting in any extra effort to do so.

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  1. All of those things are true.. It is a perfect answer for affordable housing and why the government doesn’t fund this more Vigorously is a really good question.

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