The Benefits Of Vegan Collagen, According To Science

Benefits Of Vegan Collagen

Not so long ago, if someone offered you vegan collagen, they would have been lying.

Until very recently, indeed, it was impossible to make non-animal collagen, and supplements for vegans claimed, without evidence, to help boost the body’s abilities to make its own collagen.

That’s not true any more and now they can synthesize collagen from 100% plant materials and these are the benefits of using plant-based collagen.

There are some really substantial benefits to using plant-based collagen.

Lower Costs

As the market for plant-based vegan collagen grows the price will come down.

As the demand rises for plant-based collagen there is the potential to mass-produce it on an industrial scale. 

And that demand will rise because collagen is a critical ingredient in everything from vegan collagen supplements to medical treatments. 

The process is easy to industrialize too as it uses either yeast or bacteria to trigger a simple chemical reaction. 

It’s Hypoallergenic

Animal-based collagen has been essential for human life until the point that we could make plant-based collagen. 

However, the animal product is not without its drawbacks and one of those is that a lot of people seem to be allergic to things from specific animals. Collagen production is also unpleasant when animals are involved.

There is also, potentially, a risk that illnesses could be transmitted to human beings via animal-derived collagen. This is also true at the animal collagen production stage.

With vegan collagen production and collagen synthesis, these risks are eliminated and it’s super easy to remove any trace of allergens on the production line, and when no animals are involved zoonosis is impossible.

They will also provide the right blend of amino acids, this is important because amino acids are hard to get unless you stimulate collagen production in the body. The idea is that if you produce collagen in your body, the amino acids should form correctly by themselves.

It’s Good For Your Skin

It’s worth noting that the science is not conclusive on this and that research into the full benefits from vegan collagen supplements will take some time to come in. 

That’s because vegan collagen is a very new product and research always lags behind the invention of a product, often by many years.

However, the research that does exist suggests that vegans can benefit from products made of vegan collagen as beauty fans already do from animal-based collagen products. 

clear skin

That means it ought to help relieve wrinkles and help your body produce its own collagen which has healing properties for the skin.  Many people recommend pairing the human collagen produced with vitamin C treatments. Vitamin C is very good for skin health and it’s easy to find in a vegan diet.

It also has the potential benefits of promoting healthier joints, genuine concern with a vegan diet which can lead to brittle bones if the calcium level in the diet isn’t closely monitored, and overall digestive health.

We would strongly suggest that you keep your eyes peeled for developments in this area as these benefits may change as we come to better understand actual vegan collagen supplements. 

It’s Got Traceability

Tracing animal products in the event that something goes wrong can be a bit of a nightmare, but when the product is made in a lab, it’s super easy.

Each production run of vegan collagen can have a harmless tracer chemical identity added to it so that an assay can quickly reveal its origins in the event of contaminants being detected. 

And that means a product recall can be effected quickly before any harmful problems take place on a larger scale. 

It’s Great For Medicine

Collagen is used widely in medical development but the problem is that it’s in short supply and new supplies have traditionally required killing animals. 

That means medicine competes with the food supply chain for the resources and as such, there’s not enough collagen to go around the pharmaceutical industry. 

collagen pills

Vegan collagen means an essentially unlimited supply and that’s good news for all of us as collagen is used in various treatments including as stitches to preserve the skin in dermatological procedures, to help wounds heal properly and to stimulate the growth of skin to prevent scar tissue.

It can also be used to deliver drugs effectively in the human body and there’s some evidence that it may even help with treating particular tumors!

So, there you have it, vegan collagen isn’t a trend and its benefits are potentially huge and not just for the pretty faces of all those lovely, healthy vegans out there but for everyone. 

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