6 Best A-Frame Kit Houses for 2022 For Dream Living

Have you ever thought about building your own A-frame house? Well, it’s a much easier business than you might think and it doesn’t need to cost the earth, either.

Best A-Frame Kit Houses

An A-Frame house that you build from a kit is an affordable and sensible way to getting yourself on the property ladder and there are plenty of options to choose from.

The perfect A-frame house kits are out there for everyone, we think.

For more information on tiny homes, tiny cabins and all things small check out our guide to tiny houses & tiny homes and the best tiny house plans. You might also be interested in these awesome prefab cabins.

We should note that shipping on some of our 6 best A-frame house kits brands can be quite expensive, so make sure you factor that into a purchase.

However, we think you’ll be glad that you looked into building an A-frame house and while the process isn’t without its drawbacks, it’s a very rewarding one too.


A-Frame Kits

You’ll certainly keep shipping costs to a minimum for going with an American brand like this one. A-frame house kits are pretty heavy as A-frame houses are substantial.

They’ve got a wide range of choices for kits and you can opt for any of 12 different homes which can be additionally customized through the use of additional modules.

They can vary in price from an $8,250 structural kit for a small kit home to $100,000 for a fully kitted out home, beautiful 1,600 square foot vacation homes! They also offer prefab A-frame homes if you don’t want to build your A-frame houses from scratch.

These homes range from 140 to 1,600 square feet, the former frame design easily housing 3 twin beds with a floor to ceiling height of around 27 feet. Their customization allows for many add ons, things like air conditioning and solar panels are always a good choice.

Check out AvrameUSA’s website for more details.

BackCountry Hut Company

BackCountry Huts

This company is based in Vancouver, Canada and thus, shipping is still reasonable. They rank among the best prefab home kits that we’ve seen and they result in sustainable kit homes in an A-frame style that rocks.

Their cheapest kit comes in at a base price of 29,500 Canadian dollars which is a minimalist setup ideal for those looking to live in the woods with the bare essentials.

The kits take about 3 months to produce, so you’ll want to get your order in quick when you decide what you’re going to buy. You can’t get this in less than a week, not even if you compromise on the douglas fir flooring that you’d always wanted.

Check out BackCountry Hut Company on their website for more details.

Ayfraym from Everywhere Shelter Co

Another US-based company is Everywhere Shelter Co, they can offer everything from plans for an A-Frame kit home ($295) to a fully kitted out mega-home at a much more eye-watering $169,000!

The kit form is flat packed and pre-cut and the design adaptable to your tastes. You can have a single bedroom, two bathrooms, etc. whatever you want.

They are building their own versions of each home, made with locally sourced building materials and labor so that you can visit and see them if you want to before you buy. We love how natural light spills into these well-equipped homes with a low environmental footprint.

Check out Everywhere Shelter Co’s website for more details.

Den A-Frame Cabin Kit

Den are based in New York city, however, you should be aware that they’re not in the house business per se and they don’t sell the materials for their plans.

Thus, these are barebones kits which cost between $99 and $299 but you should expect, of course, to spend quite a bit more on actually building your home.

The total cost will be less than some of the other prefab homes on this list but be warned, it’s unlikely that you’ll achieve quick assembly though the end result should be as aesthetically pleasing as any other A-frame.

This is a great chance to source your materials locally to you, though.

Check out Den’s website for more details.

Nolla Zero A-Frame Cabin Kit

You’re going to spend a lot of money shipping these kits as they hail from Finland but they are absolutely gorgeous and the cost (including materials) is a reasonable $36,455, so it might be worth having it shipped, after all.

It uses only 97 square feet of floor space and won’t dominate the local area that it’s constructed in.

Everything inside a Nolla cabin is powered with renewable electricity and the whole design is meant to minimize your impact on the environment.

Check out the Nolla Cabins website for more details.

Lushan A-Frame Micro Cabins

These A-Frames are super small and are really meant just for laying your head down in, they’re not full homes but they are cheap and very easy to build.

If you want to trial this lifestyle before you invest a substantial amount of money into living in an A-Frame house, then you might want to give the Lushan a try.

Because of their size, the shipping fees aren’t quite as overwhelming as the Nolla cabin’s are.

You can check out the Glamping Lushna website for more details.

Last Word on A-Frame Kits

We hope that our guide to the best A-frame kit homes has been informative and that you’ve got some ideas of what kind of kit homes you want to build.

If not, you might want to check out our guide to underground homes which offers a very unusual alternative way to live.

Wherever you decide to live, we hope that it’s a safe, secure and happy home that you build.

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