Our Top Picks for Bamboo Sheets in 2023

Looking for a comfortable night’s sleep on the best bamboo sheets available? We’ve got you covered!

bamboo panda

Want to stay eco-conscious and spend your night’s curled up in bedding made from sustainable fabrics? Looking for an alternative to cotton?

Well, have you considered sheets made from bamboo?

Yes, the stuff that pandas like to chow down on – bamboo is incredibly flexible when it comes to making things and the fibers are silky smooth and oh so kind to your skin.

They do this by stripping the individual fibers from the plant and then they weave them together to create super soft and very cool bedsheets.


Great Price. Great Luxury.

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets are incredibly comfortable and affordable. Our top pick!

If you’d like additional information on how bamboo sheets are made and what brands and styles are available then keep reading.

How Do They Make Bamboo Sheets?

They harvest the bamboo from the bamboo plants, which believe it or not is a type of grass, and then it’s processed into Rayon which is a natural fabric (though it can be created using chemical treatments too – natural bamboo sheets use Rayon that comes from a salt-based fabrication process).

This works by drying the bamboo, turning it into fiber, pulping it, and processing and once dried, you weave the threads together to create the fabric.

What Sorts Of Bamboo Sheet Are Available?

The most common bamboo sheets on the market are made from Rayon and may be labelled as “bamboo viscose”. Viscose from bamboo sheets tend to be the cheapest bamboo sheets but the chemical process that some Rayon undergoes is pretty harsh.

You can also find bamboo bed sheets derived from Lyocell (another form of bamboo processing). This is a kinder process though it does use hydrogen peroxide (yes, the stuff people bleach their hair with). Bamboo lyocell sheets, however, are better than the viscose version for the environment.

If it’s labeled “natural” bamboo, then this is usually Rayon that has been fully salt-treated and natural enzymes are used to break down the pulp. It is more expensive, but as we will learn later – it’s good for your health.

Finally, it’s possible to blend bamboo with cotton or polyester to increase the shelf-life of your sheet, however, it’s not as good for the environment.

Do Bamboo Sheets Feel Good On Your Skin?

Yes, a thousand times, yes. They feel so soft and silky on your skin, you’ll wonder why you’ve never had a bamboo sheet before. It’s a fully breathable fabric too, so don’t worry about getting them sweaty.

What Kind Of Weave Should I Look For In A Bamboo Sheet?

The best and most common weave for bamboo sheets is “sateen”. This leaves the thread better exposed to the world and thus, creates a soft, pleasant finish. The sateen weave is therefore the most desirable form of bamboo fabric, particularly for a flat sheet.

Will Bamboo Sheets Last As Long As Cotton Does?

Yes, though, you must care for the bamboo bed sheets properly (see below for more details).

The Health Benefits Of Bamboo Sheets

If you buy natural bamboo sheets then the anti-microbial properties of the plant remain intact and they can prevent infection while you sleep. Bamboo bedding wicks moisture away from the body, which keeps you feeling fresh and comfy even if you have night sweats. They’re great for sensitive skin and are incredibly soft.

Be Warned: Bamboo Sheets Are Wrinkly

Yeah, bamboo sheets tend to wrinkle. A lot. The only way to get them looking “perfect” is to iron them and they will wrinkle again as soon as you sleep in them. Yes, even twill bamboo sheets will wrinkle.

How To Wash Bamboo Sheets?

Follow the care instructions supplied, always wash in cold water and never use a chlorine-based stain remover and there is no need for fabric softeners. Dry them on a low heat setting.

Our Top 5 Best Bamboo Sheets

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets

Best Bamboo Sheets

These are favorite pick overall, reasonably priced and the reviews say that we’re not the only ones to find these comfortable. They are the best bamboo sheets.

However, they are a blend of polyester and Rayon, so they may not be eco-friendly enough for your tastes.

You can find Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets online.

Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

100% bamboo these super luxury resort style bamboo lyocell sheets are the most comfortable sheets that we’ve ever tried!

These bamboo sheet sets do come at a fairly hefty price and if you don’t stick to the care instructions, they may shrink when drying. Otherwise, totally worth it!

You can find Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets online.

LINENWALAS Organic Bamboo Sheets

linenwalas bamboo sheets

100% bamboo and with a choice of 9 colors, the LINENWALAS bring you a super sateen weave that really delivers the goods and at a surprisingly affordable price. Many people say that they keep you super cool on hot summer nights.

You can find LINENWALAS Organic Bamboo Sheets online.

LuxClub Bamboo Sheets

LuxClub Bamboo Sheets

Not ready to spend a fortune?

Then check these out.

You’ve got 43 colors to choose from, they throw in extra pillowcases for free and they are very comfy.

If you don’t like them, they also offer a 100% money back guarantee!

You can find LuxClub Bamboo Sheets online.

Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Sheets

Luxury Bamboo Sheets

If you really can’t bear the thought of wrinkly sheets, check out the Cosy House Collection which adds a 40% microfiber to a bamboo blend and they are much easier to keep wrinkle free without ironing than any other bamboo sheet that we’ve tried.

You can find Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Sheets online.