6 Best Bike Campers for 2022, According to Aficionados

Not all of us have a car. Some of us are happier on two wheels, but when it comes to camping out in the big wide open, that’s always been a bit of a disadvantage.

Some people can just jump in their pop up campers and go, while the cyclist has always had to compromise on whatever would fit in their best backpack but no longer.

Our picks for the best mobile bike campers prove that it’s possible to camp, cycle and enjoy a high standard of comfort.

So, why not join the 77 million Americans who love to camp and the 43 million that love to cycle and head out into the great outdoors accompanied by one of these awesome campers?

Mini Micro Mobile Homes For Bikes By Kevin Cry

Mini Mobile Homes For Bikes By Kevin Cry

Kevin Cyr’s a big designer in this space but be warned, you can’t buy all of his designs, and it’s not the most functional of pieces on our list.

This is as much a cool art project as it is a mobile home but it’s a great way to show that there are huge possibilities for this space and it won’t be long before you can take the bike version of an RV on the trail with you. We can’t wait. 

Get more details from the Doornob website.

B Turtle Microcaravan For E-Bikes

B Turtle Microcaravan For E-Bikes

OK, this is far more practical. It’s essentially an inflatable tent that packs into a near little trailer.

It weights less than 30 Kg making it very practical to cycle with and it uses a Weber coupling device to attach itself to the frame of your bicycle.

Once it’s up and running, you can easily fit two people inside the tent and there’s even room for a pet! You can also opt for extra weatherproofing. 

Get more details at the Gentle Tent website.

Wooden Widget Foldavan


This transports neatly on the roof rack of a car and then can be towed by your bike when you get where you’re going.

It’s a bit heavier than we’d really like but it’s a bigger finished model than the B Turtle and you can build this is nearly any material that you like.

Yes, you buy the plans and build this one and as incentive they will plant 5 trees on your behalf when you do buy one. 

Get more details at the Wooden Widget website.

Nomad Bicycle Camper

Bicycle Camper

On a tight budget? Then Paul Elkins is at hand. His plan for a bicycle camper can be constructed, easily, for less than $200.

He’s super obsessed with reusing materials, so expect to find a lot of second hand and used products to make this work.

However, it looks like an Airstream and, in fact, turns out as good as any other camper on our list when it comes to space. 

Get more details at Elkins DIY’s website.

Widepath Camper

Widepath Camper

You’re going to spend a bit more on this and it’s big. 5 feet long when fully made, this is like a caravan or RV for a bike.

It’s super easy to collapse when you want to move it and it can sleep two and provide a dining room for four when it’s in use.

It’s easier to tow than you might think but we’d recommend practicing with it before you undertake a super long journey with this camper. 

Get more details at the Widepath Camper website.

Bicycle Caravan


Our final choice is from the Netherlands and as you might expect in the flattest of European countries, cycling and camping are very popular pastimes there and combining the two comes naturally.

This is great for sleeping in and the kitchenette is a welcome bonus.

If you’re passing through the Netherlands, you can even rent one before you buy  it. 

Get more details at the Bicycle Caravan website.

Last Word on Bicycle Campers

This is still a pretty new field of products, but we think the bicycle camper is here to stay and that our picks for the best micro mobile bike campers are very representative of what’s out there at the moment.

We can’t think of a healthier hobby than getting out in the great outdoors for a long bike ride and then spending the night out in mother nature’s warm embrace. Everyone should try this. Just make sure to be prepared, as the scouts say.

If you think that you like the idea of this but aren’t positive that you want to do the cycling, why not check out our guide to e-bike conversion kits. It’s much easier if you can stop peddling and let your bike do the work.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial you should check out our guide to pop up camper vans. They’re awesome. 

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