Top 20 Best Bird House Kits & Plans for 2022

Do you want your environment to be full of bright cheery birdsong? Then why not make a bird house?

It’s easy enough to do – you need some basic woodworking skills (learn them here if you don’t have them already) and either some plans and materials or a bird house kit. That’s it.

Building a birdhouse is also an important contribution to the planet as it means birds have somewhere safe to nest and roost.

The Gardening Cook says that everyone should have a birdhouse and we agree. That’s why we put together our list of the top twenty best birdhouse kits and plans.

best bird house kits

There’s something for everyone here and we’d suggest that most of the projects require very little previous experience.

Some birdhouse kits are simple enough for your kids to build them safely with just a little supervision. They all come with easy-to-follow instructions and it's a fun project. We enjoy painting birdhouse kits and making sure they're weather-resistant for a rainy day too.

If you need to identify your birds before you build them a house, may we recommend these amazing bird apps? Bird houses can add a lot of joy to your garden.

Basic Birdhouse Pan

You can get this basic birdhouse plan for free. No major woodworking talent is needed for this project. It shouldn’t take very long to build.

Birds don't much care which kits you use as long as they can nest on the site. Wood is cheap and easy to get started with too. Their idea of relevant results from a project and yours are not the same.

Easy DIY Birdhouse

We like this plan on Etsy for a simple and very classic-looking birdhouse. Anyone can make this, it’s not a complicated design at all. Check it out here.

Backyard Birdhouse Plan

If you have a bit more skill at woodworking, this is a very nice Backyard Birdhouse Plan (also free) that can be built in about half a day. It’s really regal. The relevant results from a kit like will be adult admirers on site praising your skills.

Bird Condo

Feel like building something with a bit more “oomph”? Then try this six-unit bird condo from Etsy. Check it out here.

Hanging DIY Birdhouse Plan

This cute DIY Birdhouse Plan is completely free from Homedit. It even has a tip for getting recycled materials!

Laser Cut Vector Birdhouse Plan

If you have access to a CNC machine this stylish birdhouse from Etsy might be the best thing for your garden. Check it out here.

Dream A Little Bigger Birdhouse

This free birdhouse plan from Dream A Little Bigger uses only a single plank of wood to get the job done!

Goods Laser Cut Birdhouse

There’s no denying that this pirate shaped birdhouse plan from Etsy is amazing but you need a CNC machine. Check it out here.

Red Church Bird House Plan

This Red Church Bird House is a very different approach to homing birds. It won’t suit all tastes but it might suit yours.

DxF Projects

This plan is what CNC machines are made for and we think this birdhouse on Etsy is our personal favorite. Check it out here.

Old Clock Birdhouse

Turn an old clock into a birdhouse for something very different, indeed. This is a free plan and it’s a little harder to follow than some of the others.

Paintable Camper Bird House Kit

This is an awesome bird house kit which includes everything that you need to make your own birdhouse in the shape of a camper. Check it out here.

Log Cabin Bird House

We loved this log cabin design. In fact, if you could build it bigger, then we think we might be tempted to live there. Move over pigeons! (If you do want to live in a log cabin – why not consider these awesome log cabin kits?)

DIY Gourd Birdhouse Kit

Fancy doing something super creative? Then why not make a birdhouse out of a gourd? It looks so natural and cool. Check it out here.

Rustic Birdhouse

If you already have a birdhouse but it’s a bit worse for wear, you don’t need to buy a new one – you can always give it a makeover with these free plans.

Cottage Bird House Kit

This is so lovely! We don’t know how anyone could resist having at least one of these bird house kits in their lives. Check it out here.

Teacup Bird House

Not a birdhouse made of a teacup but one in the shape of a teacup. It’s a bit hard to make but if you have the skill, it’s worth it.

DIY Birdhouse Kit

By far, the easiest project to put together of our bird house kits. This is a really quality project that you and your kids will really enjoy building. Check it out here.

The Whimsical Birdhouse

If you really want your birds to feel the love, why not make them a home that’s more art than an ordinary bird house? That’s what the Whimsical Birdhouse offers be warned – it’s a project that requires some woodworking skill.

The DIY Pantry Birdhouse Kit

Another really simple to assemble kit with a really lovely aesthetic to it. You can’t go wrong with The DIY Pantry Birdhouse Kit.

Final Word on Birdhouse Kits

We hope that you found a home for your soon-to-be new feathered friends in our top 20 bird house plans & kits.

Can we recommend that you also check out our collection of bird field guides so that you’re ready to identify them when they arrive!

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