Top 6 Best Candle Making Kits For 2022

Best Candle Making Kits

Thinking about making your own candles?

It can be difficult to choose the best candle making kit for your needs with so many choices available for home candle making kits.

How do you even choose the right candles for your home and ensure that they aren’t full of harsh additives or dangerous chemicals in the wax or dye blocks?

We also try to avoid beeswax candles because they’re not vegan.

Well, you can leave that to us because we’ve tracked down the best candle making kits and we’re going to make the case for making your candles with them too!

So, let’s take a look at our top picks!

All of them are affordable and fun ways to get into making candles in your home environment.



This is definitely one of the best candle making kits, no warning labels required. It has everything you need to make four different soy wax candles with different scents and color blocks, so that you can make customized candles.

The Dellabella candle making kit includes four oil fragrances – lavender, eucalyptus, cherry blossom and sweet orange – for making scented homemade candles.

They also supply two types of candle tins to get you stated with different shapes of candle. And it comes with a pouring pot and wax melting pitcher.

Absolutely everything you need to make candles is included in this diy kit. It’s one of the ideal candle making kits for beginners.


Nature’s Blossom

natures blossom candle diy kit

If you want your candles that are super quality then this might be the candle kit for you, but it does only make 3 candles and you won’t get any dyes in the box – which means you only get one color of output.

You do get 3 bottles of different essential oils though – lavender, lemon, and chamomile no tea tree, though, sadly – though the step by step instructions say to use the full bottle per candle, some customer reviews say that half the bottle is the perfect amount.

Their candle wicks are also natural cotton wicks for a nice even burn.

However, when people see the end results, they’ll assume you’re a professional candle maker. We especially like the melting pot.

You can find the Nature’s Blossom Candle Making Kit online.



storage maid candle making

This is an absolute beast of a candle kit and while it is more expensive than other soy candle making kits we reviewed, not only does it contain 16 color dyes, 4 scents, and step by step instructions, but it has absolutely everything that a candle maker could wish for in the box!

Kit includes cotton candle wicks, glue dots, color dye blocks, warning labels, wick stickers, stirring sticks, and more are all part of the candle making kit supplies.

You can really let your imagination run riot with this excellent pick from our making kits. This luxury candle making kit includes a high-quality melting pot and candle tins.

The soy candles that we made with it were awesome and much less polluting than paraffin candles.

You can find the StorageMaid Candle Making Kit online.


Blue Aurra DIY

blue aura candles

or those looking for something a bit more traditional, this glass jar based scented soy wax candle making kit is very elegant and super easy to use.

It makes beautiful candles with a high-quality candle wick from natural soy wax flakes and that’s much nicer than most candle making kits and even the wax dye feels like it’s made of nicer ingredients. The fragrance oils are excellent too.

If you have a minimalist aesthetic, you’re really going to enjoy candle making with this.

We love the melting pot and wooden stirring sticks (wooden sticks are kinder to the planet, after all).

Our only reservation with this good candle making kit is that if you’re looking to create candles for gift bags, it could turn out a little expensive. Otherwise, it’s an excellent introduction to the hobby with all the candle making supplies that you need.

You can find the Blue Aurra DIY Candle Making Kit online.


Hearts and Crafts DIY

hearts and crafts

This is a great kit for someone who’s a bit more experienced than a true beginner.

It’s a soy candle making kit where you do all the work and if you want them, you’ll need to buy fragrance oils (check out our preferred essential oil brands) and wax dyes on top.

It includes a 10lb bag of natural crafts soy wax (flake form), 100 pre-cut candle wicks plus 2 two centering devices.

Unlike many candle making kits the contains no mold for candle making, so you’ll want to choose your own, why not go for something exotic like a Scandinvian Candle?

You can find the Hearts and Crafts DIY Candle-making Kit online.


Etienne Alair Kit

etienne allair candles

If you love crafting and making things with hobby kits this homemade soy candle making kit will be perfect for you! 

The kit includes enough materials to make 4 individual 8 oz. candles! That’s more generous than some candle making kits. It also includes the fragrance oils you need to make amazing scented candles.

They also include a reusable metal pouring pot, a wax thermometer, 3 silicone finger protectors, and clear, simple instructions!


JIWINNER Transparent


This candle making starter kit is a bit different from other candle making kits and the candles are made from a transparent gel rather than a soy wax.

If you want to make really creative, highly decorative candles then this is the set for you. However, we would note that the candles burn faster than standard wax ones.

You can find the JIWINNER Transparent Candle Making Kits online.


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