6 Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for 2022

If you want to get into the great outdoors, then you may find that one of our best cell phone signal boosters is ideal for your needs.

It’s nice to get off-grid, to live a nomadic lifestyle or to spend some time in an RV in the middle of nowhere but it’s also nice to stay connected.

When we stray beyond the reaches of cell towers, we need a way to boost the signal to our phones and all of these excellent cell signal boosters do just that.

They can handle variable weather and even environmental issues that cause interference too.

We tested a lot of signal boosters and these stood out from the pack as the best of the bunch.

weBoost Drive X RV Cellular Booster

Not only does this signal booster provide signal everywhere that we tested it, it’s future proof for 5G too.

SureCall Fusion2Go Max In-Vehicle Signal Booster

A very compact signal booster solution for those wary of using up precious space inside their RV.

Cell Phone Signal Booster for AT&T T-Mobile 4G LTE

A very affordable signal booster solution but it’s not compatible with all cellular carriers.

weBoost Drive X RV
Best RV Cell Booster

The WeBoost Drive X RV comes from one of the big names in cell phone boosters and it’s exactly as good as we’d expect from them. 

Not only did it handle all the conditions we could throw at it but it can provide 33% more distance for your cell signal than most other cell boosters can. 

Signal strength is also a big deal and this was the best signal booster for boosting cell signal and delivering a strong boosted signal.

It uses a directional antenna rather than an omnidirectional antenna but you can mount the signal booster easily to take the best advantage of the available cellular signal.

It was really easy to install in our RV too, which we think is a major bonus.


Cellular technology is about to change from 4G to 5G and this model is fully future proofed and will work on any 5G network, which is important.


1. It’s 5G ready and it works great on existing 4G networks too
2. The antenna can be extended to give you a little boost in range to make the best signal booster even better
3. It shows the greatest signal gain of any booster in our tests


1. It’s quite expensive though you do get what you pay for here
2. It’s easy to install but you must follow the instructions carefully to boost signal effectively
3. You need to keep your phone near the antenna to get the best cell signal

SureCall Fusion2Go Max in-Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster: Best Compact Cell Booster

The SureCAll Fusion2Go Max is the most compact of the cell boosters that we tested and if you’re short on space in your RV – it’s the best choice. It uses an in-vehicle/indoor antenna that occupies almost no space, and the outdoor antenna has a small footprint too.

It too has been future proofed and can handle both 4G LTE and 5G signals without a problem. You should easily maintain cell phone service just about anywhere with a solid signal strength too.

The directional antenna is very low profile too which means it won’t get damaged easily when parking up for the night.  This is the best signal booster for those on a tight budget.


This product works with all of the major carriers in North America (including Mexico) such as Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. so you’ll be fine to use it anywhere.


1. Supports all the major carriers and is future proofed
2. It takes up very little space in the vehicle
3. The low profile antenna is very handy when parking


1. They really need to supply more cable, 10 feet is barely enough
2. It’s very expensive for what it is
3. Only works with the supplied aerial – you can’t swap it out for another model

Cell Phone Signal Booster for AT&T T-Mobile 4G LTE Home Use: Best General Booster

If you are operating on a tight budget the Cell Phone Signal Booster from Phonetone may be what you’re looking for.

However, there is no 5G support and the unit only works with Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T and that could be a deal breaker for many. 

It automatically hunts out the nearest cell site too.


There’s a power saving “inactivity mode” that reduces the amount of power used when not in use by up to 30% – a very handy feature for RV life.


1. Very cost-effective if your budget isn't huge – this is for you
2. The inactivity mode is a great idea
3. The automatic signal select is very good


1. Limited carrier capability – make sure to check this before you buy
2. No future proofing – when 5G becomes the standard, you’ll need a new booster
3. Quite complicated to learn how to use

KING KX1000 Cell Phone Booster for RV: Best Booster For First Responders

The King KX1000 Cell Phone Booster is a very reliable and robust piece of kit.

You don’t need to buy any additional monthly services to get full use of this product directly out of the box, which is good. 

There are a good number of mounting options for this too.


This is the most popular cell phone booster used by American first responders and we like to think that means it’s a booster you can rely on.


1. Completely 5G ready and futureproof
2. Works with every major carrier in the USA
3. It’s the number one choice for first responders


1. If the phone isn’t very close to the antenna speeds drop off quickly
2. No DC/DC plug-in adapter in the box – you need to buy one
3. Not the greatest level of signal gain compared to other boosters

weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR: Best Alternative RV Booster

This is the little brother of our top pick and the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR is a great choice if you don’t need the future proofing of 5G.

It’s a professional grade booster that is often employed by long-distance truck drivers and it can boost voice and data speeds by up to 32 times!


This is compatible with all cellular carriers through Canada and the USA and it works on 2G, 3G and 4G voice and data calls.


1. Huge boost in quality for signal on both voice and data calls
2. Offers 2 hours of extra talk time in weak signal areas
3. Very easy to install


1. No 5G future proofing
2. Quite pricey
3. Some users report delivery issues

weBoost 4G Marine Antenna: Best Boat Booster

Not every nomad is in an RV or a tent. 

Some are going to be in a boat on the open waves and for that there’s really only the WeBoost 4G Marine Antenna which must be paired with a weBoost signal booster.


As you’d expect this is both weather proof and salt-water proof and the antenna is completely omni-directional.


1. Weather proof
2. Salt water proof
3. Very robustly designed


1. Not easy to install
2. No 5G compatibility
3. Need to buy a weBoost signal booster as well as this antenna

Last Thoughts on Signal Boosters

We hope that you found the right product for your nomadic, or RV/camping needs in our best cell phone signal boosters roundup. 

We love to get away into nature but it makes us feel better to be able to reach people when we need to or for them to be able to reach us in an emergency.

We think buying a booster is a small price to pay for that kind of peace of mind.

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