10 Clothing Brands for Minimalists

Want to have more money, look great and be kind to the planet? 

Then a minimalist wardrobe ought to be top of your priority list. 

By investing in timeless, classic numbers that are super high quality, you can really develop your own style and spend less money on clothes.

And fewer clothes means less waste and thus, you’re being more eco-friendly.

Minimalism just makes sense and these best minimalist clothing brands are your friends while you build your first capsule wardrobe or seek to improve one that you already have.


Eleven 44 hails from Bali in Indonesia and supporting their minimalist fashion approach means that you are supporting family-owned businesses on the island.

The brand celebrates the principles of slow fashion and each of their pieces is meant to be timeless. They make a great addition to any capsule wardrobe.

They use a wide-range of eco-friendly textiles as well! We love that they use materials such as organic cotton. Minimalist clothing needs to be comfortable and sustainable in our book too.

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Asket is a dual-nationality sustainable brand with its products being manufactured in both Italy and Portugal and their use of merino wool means that their clothes are particularly hard-wearing.

Their principle of “from farm to finish line” means that you can trace every component in their minimalist clothing through the supply chain and see how it benefits the environment.

They don’t have the biggest range of choice compared to some of the bigger minimalist clothing brands but everything they make is a minimalist’s dream. 

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Canada’s Encircled is one of our favorite only minimalist clothing brands and we like that they use a wide-range of eco-friendly cloth and fabrics to create their range.

They are a great alternative to the regular fashion industry and they strive to be one of the more sustainable clothing brands out there too.

One thing that everyone loves about these clothes is that they are designed to be wrinkle-free, so they travel exceedingly well and when combined with their minimal aesthetic, you can travel light too!

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Vincent James

We land on American shores to visit Vincent James, a luxury minimalist brand (and you can see this in the huge range of sustainable materials that they incorporate in their clothing). We love minimalist fashion when it’s done this well.

We also appreciate their commitment to ethical, sustainable fashion in their pursuit of pieces that can be mixed and matched to perfection.  This minimalist clothing brand is one of the more sustainable brands out there and it’s committed to fair trade principles!

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India’s Pact is one of our favorite minimalist fashion clothing lines, full stop, and our own capsule wardrobes teem with their products which are super attractive, lightweight and made of organic cotton.

Their clothing is so soft and gentle against your skin that it’s an absolute pleasure to wear.

Most important of all is that Pact’s clothing is super affordable and you won’t be intimidated by the prices at all.  Minimalist brands that deliver timeless pieces like this one are few and far between.

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Outerknown is made in three different countries: Peru, China and Mexico!

They combine organic cotton with recycled plastics to create durable but exciting garments for men and women. They do a nice range of organic basics too.

The flannel shirts are among the most comfortable that we’ve ever tried and are perfect for everyday wear! We love minimalist fashion like this!

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We travel to Pakistan to find the manufacturers of Warp + Weft the best brand in minimalist denim and one of our favorites.

The quality at Warp + Weft is incredible and we can’t imagine anyone being upset by a purchase from this company.

You’re also supporting a family-owned business that has been operating for decades when you buy from them. 

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Mate The Label

Back in the USA we also love Mate The Label and their cotton, tencel and linen approach to making minimalist loungewear.

Don’t worry though, it’s more than durable enough to wear outside of the home as well as in it and you’re going to find that if you want to feel cozy, there aren’t many brands that make you feel as good as they do. 

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Vetta’s identity is half-American and half-Indian and all original and they use one of the widest ranges of eco-friendly materials that we’ve ever come across.

We love their mini capsule wardrobe collections which make getting started with minimalism super easy. 

We’re also pleased to note that they’re not an expensive brand, either, and should be within the budgetary reach of most folks. 

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We finish with an American brand, Valani, who in addition to using hemp and tencel, do a lot of work with banana fibers!

Their mission is one built on love of their fellow man and the planet and they believe we all hold a stake in the future of the Earth.

We love their flirtatious and fun aesthetic and love to spice up our minimalist wardrobe with a couple of pieces from Valani. 

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FInal Notes On Minimalist Clothing Brands

What we love is that the best clothing brands for minimalists turn out to be highly sustainable and ethical too!

You can’t go wrong when you cut down on the amount of clothing you consume and, instead, focus on high quality pieces that will look as good in a decade’s time as they do today. 

It’s kind to you, to your wallet, and to the planet.