Top 8 Craft Kits for Adults for 2024

craft kits for grownups

Craft kits for adults have become increasingly popular in recent years as people look for creative and fulfilling ways to spend their free time.

These kits typically come with all the necessary materials and instructions to complete a specific craft project. They range from knitting and crochet kits to painting and embroidery kits, and many more.

Craft kits offer a great way for adults to learn a new skill or hobby, as they provide step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Perhaps, more importantly, they also offer an opportunity to disconnect from technology and engage in a mindful activity that can reduce stress and anxiety.

Many craft kit brands prioritize sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and packaging, and some even offer recyclable or biodegradable options.

Craft kits for adults are a great way to explore creativity and make something unique while also promoting well-being and environmental consciousness.

Truslin – DIY Needle Felting 4 in 1 Kit

We fell in love at first sight of the faceless cat collection and we were really pleased to discover how gentle an intro to the art of needle felting could be.

The box contains absolutely everything you need to make your own cat and yes, the end result is every bit as cut as the one on the packaging. 

You might need to give young children a bit of a helping hand when making this, but otherwise, it’s just about the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon that’s been invented. 

Martin/F. Weber Bob Ross Master Paint Set

If you’re going to get into painting then who better to lead you through the process than Bob Ross America’s favorite TV art teacher? 

This is an oil painting set, so expect to learn how to use a canvas and easel and how to mix paints and remove them when things go wrong too.

Sadly, for me, there’s no artistic talent included in the box and my painting wasn’t great but our eldest produced amazing work, so it’s definitely me and not the kit at fault, here. 

RM Studio DIY Pineapple String Art Kit

If you’re looking for a craft project that can be easily completed in a few hours and takes absolutely no experience or pre-developed skill, this kit is what you need.

We had so much fun making pineapples, that we think we preferred this to eating pineapple and we love pineapple in this house.

It’s a fairly pricey kit but the end result is so good that you’ll be happy to hang it on the wall or gift it to someone you love. 

Mont Marte Calligraphy Set, 32 Piece

Handwriting is something of a dying art in the age of computers but it would be a shame if that mean that calligraphy was going to die out with it.

We had great fun with this Mont Marte set learning to write in a way that is as much about the look of the letters as it is about what is written.

Plant Hanger, Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

If you’ve got green fingers and want to be able to put plants in interesting locations in your home then this macrame plant hanger kit is amazing!

It took our kids less than 2 hours to build their wall hangers and we can see making a few more in the future too. 

This might even be a profitable hobby if you make enough of them for sale. 

Craft Crush Paper Bowls Kit

This is a lot of fun and pretty much anyone can make their own decorated paper bowl in an hour or so.

You could do this for a festive occasion or even get a few kits together for a children’s party and let everyone design their own bowl. 

One thing we did find with this kit, though, was that the glue was a little thicker than it needed to be and we had to thin it using water.

We also wish that the company would supply additional disks (even at a fee) as they can run out if you make complex designs. 

Lantern Making Kit

If you’re already pretty good at handicrafts then you might enjoy this lantern making kit which is a definite skill upgrade of difficulty compared to our other kits here.

However, there’s no doubt that the end product looks completely professional and if you got good at making lanterns, you could easily sell these for a profit at local craft fairs.

Tea lights are not included in the box though and you’ll need to buy these separately. 

DIY Solar Printing Kit

We’d never even heard of solar printing before trying this kit but we’re glad that we have now.

It’s very easy to do, watch the instruction video, grab the photo sensitive paper and within a few minutes, you’ll be making brilliant pieces of art!

Our only complaint is that we keep having to buy more solar printing paper now as the whole family loves making these in their spare time.