Top 10 Best Crafting Blogs Of The Year 2022

Best Crafting Blogs

A recent survey found that 75% of Americans have a creative hobby or hobbies.

The amazing part is that almost all wish they could do more of these activities!

That’s why we think it’s good to get involved with the crafting community as much as possible!

Read a few of our best crafting blogs and get ideas and inspiration to sustain your passion to create. 

A Beautiful Mess

You’ve got two super talented sisters, Emma and Elsie, running A Beautiful Mess and they’ve been doing this for years now. It’s one of our favorite DIY craft blogs and there’s a hint of lifestyle blog about it too.

There’s so much good content here that you could probably just use this site for daily inspiration for a decade or so. You’ll also find DIY tutorials if you’re not entirely au fait with all the crafty ideas they present.

If you have a creative side that you’d like to unleash but wouldn’t mind some step by step instructions at times, this is where to start.

Lovely Indeed

Lovely Indeed began as a way for Chelsea, a committed do it yourself, to showcase her DIY projects for weddings but it’s grown way beyond that now.

She has such a creative life and tackles so many amazing projects such as recycled crafts, home decor, seeing patterns and much more!

In fact, there’s probably a DIY project for every single part of your life on this good craft blog. Once you get started on these projects, you won’t want to stop – it so easy to bring creative living into everyday life. 

Almost Makes Perfect

If you’ve ever seen handmade gifts that are to-die-for, their creator may well have taken some inspiration from Almost Makes Perfect because every project on here is seriously high class creative crafts.

These craft projects are what elevates a craft blog to a higher art form. With an emphasis on adult crafts and project ideas that really push you to reach your full potential, you’ll never be bored here.

Once you get good at them, you can even give them to your friends and family for Christmas or birthdays or as party favors and we guarantee that they will love them. 

Aunt Peaches

You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on crafting supplies to make cool stuff for your home and life, and that’s the premise of Aunt Peaches.

Her simple projects are amazing and she has plenty of kid’s crafts ideas too. Whether you want creative ideas for paper goods or fun sewing ideas, you’ll find them here.

This is a crafting blog which delights in using the kind of stuff you have laying around the house that you don’t need or want any more and then turning them into really funky, original projects.

Honestly WTF

If DIY fashion is the thing you love most in the world then Honestly WTF has you covered and every project within its pages is a thing of genuine joy.

Many DIY craft blogs stick to things like paper crafts, so, it’s nice to see someone go after clothing so strongly and do it so well.
Once you’ve finished browsing the blog, go and check their Pinterest page for even more brilliant DIY Crafts ideas to make yourself!

Damask Love

There’s something super happy about Amber’s DIY blog which aims to create cheerful projects out of colorful, bright inputs and it works really well.

It really stands out in a sea of craft blogs and her regular craft posts are something that we look forward to.

She’s got some fantastic free printables to get you started and her tutorials on some of the more complex crafting machines are excellent too. The online store facility gives you even more DIY project ideas too.

Paper & Stitch 

Brittni’s been running Paper & Stitch for over a decade and it’s so popular that it meant she could quit her day job as an art teacher!

You’ll find an endless number of DIY projects on the site and all of them have been clearly influenced by the site’s creator, it’s awesome. 

Oh Happy Day

It’s nice to find some specialist interests in the crafting world and Oh Happy Day is a very focused site, indeed.

They intend to be the best resource for having parties on the internet and that means you’ll find anything from projects to design Christmas decorations to birthday cards.

It also goes beyond crafting and looks at recipes and even cocktails to welcome your guests with, once your party is ready to rock. 

Fall For DIY

Francesca is focusing on those crafters looking to get the most out of a tight budget with FAll for DIY and we really like the results.

The projects on this blog are super accessible and, in fact, we’d encourage you to get your kids involved in making things from here too.

She covers a very wide range of crafting projects and there’s something for absolutely everybody here. 

Lia Griffith

Lia started her blog by herself but it’s not just a one woman project anymore, the scope has grown so much that she has a team of crafters contributing.

There’s plenty of free content on the site but if you want access to everything there is a premium subscription for this one. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, 10 creative geniuses sharing their output with the world on our best crafting blogs. 

If you’re looking for crafting supplies, to make something you saw on these blogs, from the best homemade candle making kits to the best soap making kits and beyond, check out our top picks for awesome crafting stores online.

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