Best Crochet Kits for Beginners, According to Enthusiasts

Best Crochet Kits for Beginners

Would you believe that nearly 30 million Americans do some form of crochet or knitting each year? 

When we heard this staggering figure we reached out to some of the most enthusiastic crochet fans we know and asked them what the best way to get started with crochet would be?

These crochet kits are their top recommendations so check them out!

A crochet kit comes with all you need to get started in most cases and these beginner crochet kits will have a crochet hook, stitch markers, a guide to basic crochet stitches, and more so that you can try some cool crochet projects!

Lion Brand Yarn One & Done Kits

If all you want is a single self-contained project, you can’t go wrong with this Lion Brand kit which will see you create your first scarf with less than a day’s work!

It contains absolutely everything you need to carry out the work including yarn, needle, pattern, and crochet hook.  


1. Good value product which is easy to make
2. The yarn included is quality, name brand yarn
3. Everything you need is in the box


1. Not much choice of colors
2. Only one crochet hook provided
3. Once the set is finished, there’s not much to put toward future projects

Susan Bates Learn Crochet! Kit

If you’re left handed, we suggest you start with Susan as she’s the only one to include instructions for people of either dominant hand.

It comes with all the kit you need to create projects but you have to buy yarn separately.

The 15 projects contained in the kit are very easy to follow.


1. A nice beginner kit which caters to left handers
2. The booklet of instructions is great
3. We like the explanation of the basic stitches very much


1. No yarn!
2. The scissors included are meh and need replacing fairly quickly
3. Some users say they find the instructions too complicated

Boye Learn to Crochet Arts and Crafts Kit with 15 Projects and Supplies

This kit even has a DVD in it so that you can watch the instructions being performed if you can’t follow the booklet!

The stitch markers are a really useful tool for beginners and the kit is built to last beyond the 15 projects that it teaches. 


1. Excellent kit with a good number of crochet hooks and tools
2. The projects are awesome and have great instructions
3. It’s good value for money for a DIY beginner crochet kit


1. There’s no yarn! So you will need to buy some for your crochet garment
2. Some users still found the instructions hard to follow for a crochet beginner kit
3. Consumable supplies are used up very quickly

BCMRUN LED Crochet Hooks Set

This is a really good starter kit which has a very nicely designed crochet hook which is meant to reduce any possible discomfort when crocheting.

The hook light is a nice addition to the bag too and it can operate for up to 8 hours  between charges and it only takes 15 minutes to charge. 

It’s not a blanket crochet kit though and it is one of the crochet starter kits made with those who intend to be creative and learn how to use a darning needle and make crochet stitches under their own steam.


1. Everything you could possibly need (except yarn) in one crochet starter kit
2. Very good quality products that should last a long time
3. Comes with a nice storage bag


1. No yarn in the box
2. Not very good for left handed folks due to the locking function on the hooks
3. The hook tips are a bit fragile 

Ultimate Acrylic Mini Yarn Bundle

If you really just want to buy one kit to get started with crocheting and you want to make a few things before you go supply shopping, this is the beginner crochet kit for you.

It has tons of yarn, a storage bag, a crochet hook or two, needles and instruction books galore, in fact, the only issue here is that there’s so much stuff, it might take a little while to understand it all.  We like a comprehensive crochet starter kit and this is it. The crochet project you choose to start your crochet journey is down to you too!


1. Extraordinary value for money with 60 yarn skeins
2. Plenty of projects included to work on
3. All needles, hooks, etc. are included


1. The storage bag is a bit flimsy
2. The projects are provided as e-books (7 of them) which may not be ideal for some
3. The projects are all quite small and unambitious 

Final Thoughts

If you intend to join the 28+ million Americans who crochet, these kits offer an easy way to get you started. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for other things to do as well as crocheting, why not learn to weave a basket, or to dye a t-shirt

For even more family fun don’t miss all the choices at our favorite online craft stores!