Must-Read DIY Beauty Products Blogs, According to Aestheticians

Beauty products are one of the world’s biggest industries. In fact, $532 billion a year is spent on beauty products.

This would be fine if it didn’t come at an enormous cost to the planet.  But it does.

This is why more and more of us are starting to make beauty products at home for ourselves. When you know all the ingredients are natural and kind to your body, you can be sure they’re also kind to the planet.

To get you started on this why not check out the picks for the best DIY beauty products blogs from our panel of professional aestheticians.

The Natural Beauty Workshop

Best DIY Beauty Products Blogs

New Zealand’s finest natural beauty blog is packed with recipes and tips for making your own products. 

They aim to inspire every creator from the home user to personal care product manufacturers. 

There’s something for everyone at The Natural Beauty Workshop

Little Green Dot

Little Green Dot

Militza has created an educational resource that really does help you improve your skincare and beauty routines at Little Green Dot.

They’re not the most regular of posters but the information they share is golden. 

Mommy Potamus

Mommy Potamus

You have to love the blog name even if you’re not into do-it-yourself beauty.  Mommy Potamus rocks. 

This is possibly the best DIY natural beauty resource on the internet.

Actual Reader

If it’s possible to make it yourself at home, then Mommy Potamus has worked out how. 

From natural shaving cream (though if you don’t have time to make your own – these awesome vegan shaving creams are OK too) to hair pomade, there’s nothing she won’t tackle.

Empowered Sustenance

Empowered Sustenance

Lauren of Empowered Sustenance just wanted to work out how to clear up her skin and that inspired her to share her journey on her blog.

She’s combined healthy eating with natural beauty care to achieve the best results. 

Her Mint and Sea Salt Foot scrub is our favorite. 

No Fuss Natural

No Fuss Natural

No Fuss Natural is designed to give you all the tools you need to live a self-sufficient healthy life without any stress. 

When you sign up to the newsletter, you get access to the whole library of tools including the natural makeover course which is absolutely brilliant.

Crunchy Betty

Crunchy Betty

At Crunchy Betty, their motto is “food on your face.”

It can’t get any better for your body than things you can stick in your mouth and thrive on, right?

So, why not make some beauty products out of those things? Here, you’ll learn how.

Their DIY skin care regime using healthy recipes packed with natural ingredients are among our favorite DIY tutorials of all time. We love natural products like these.

Pistachio Project

Pistachio Project

Brittany, who runs the Pistachio Project, says her aim is to turn life green and crunch like a pistachio. 

She started her journey looking for a natural cure for her son’s eczema and then it grew into something much more.

She has great beauty-enhancing recipes for natural cosmetics. This is one of the best beauty blogs for those that really love natural health tips along with their natural makeup.

Live Simply

best diy beauty blogs

Live Simply has natural beauty recipes as well as natural recipes for just about anything else you can think of too.

There’s so much advice on this blog (and the associated podcast) that you’ll never get bored of learning about DIY natural beauty. 

We hope that you’ll start making some of your own beauty products too and these DIY beauty bloggers can really help you on your journey.