Top 8 Best Electric Bike Kits for 2022

The future is electric. It’s estimated that there will be 300 million electric bikes out on the road by 2023. That’s double today’s number and it’s largely due to a significant drop in the cost of lithium-ion batteries.

People in large numbers are trading in their bikes for new and improved electric bikes.

However, there’s no need to trade in your bike, you could just turn the bike you have into an e-bike. All you need is an electric bike conversion kit.

Why would you want to do that?

Well, it’s cheaper and it’s clearly greener – you don’t have to junk a bike to have an e-bike. Our top choices for the best electric bike conversion kits include many different options for this up-cycled transformation. Electric bicycle kits are clearly gaining in popularity.

You can join the 250,000 electric bike owners in the USA and get in early on what is set to be the biggest vehicle trend of the coming years.

The electric bike is here to stay. They are safe, comfortable, clean, and loads of fun! So, why not invest in an electric bike conversion kit and enjoy the convenience of an electric motor on your existing bike?

Bafang 8Fun

Best Electric Bike Kits

Despite the Chinese sounding name, Bafang is, in fact, an American company that makes a lot of cool electric bike related stuff like ebike conversion kits.

While this is quite an expensive conversion option as electric bike conversion kits go, if you want a mid-drive system, it’s one of the best models of e-bike conversion kit on the market.

That means you can opt for pedal-assist as well as a throttle burst mode for a quick hit of speed on your new electric bike.

You can find the Bafang 8Fun online.

AW 48V 1000 W

bike kit

This is a rear-wheel kit set up and that means, it’s a little easier to install than a mid-drive system.

This might be the best electric bike conversion kit for those that aren’t so confident about installing a hub motor, it runs under battery power, instead. This kind of ebike conversion kit with battery is very popular.

However, there’s no battery in this ebike kit which seems a little self-defeating and you need to buy a 48V AW battery pack in addition to this device.

The best e-bike conversion kits should come with everything you need in the box, in our opinion.

However, it’s very well made and super energy efficient.

You can find the AW 48V 1000 W online.

JAXPETY eBike Kits

A front wheel conversion kit is the cheapest option and this JaxPety model is super value.

If you don’t have a fortune to spend on e-bike conversion kits this will definitely get your e-bike conversion done without breaking the bank.

It has a fairly restricted speed, due to the lack of a hub motor, but that shouldn’t be a huge problem to most e-bike users. This front wheel kit focuses on the basics you need to get moving.

Again, there’s no battery in this conversion kit though and it’s worth noting that there’s no LCD-style display for this bike conversion kit, either.

You can find the JaxPety 36V 500W e-bike kit online

Bafang 48V 750W Mid Drive

Another Bafang mid-drive kit makes our list because the Los Angeles-based company makes great mid-drive kits.

This one is a little more powerful than the 8Fun model which is one of our favorite bike conversion kits too.

You will need to pay attention to the details when ordering this as there are quite a lot of options to consider such as chargers, batteries, and displays.

You can find the Bafang 48V 750W Mid Drive online.

Tongsheng 36V/48V

They sound Chinese and are Chinese and were one of the first companies in China that made e-bike kits.

They are one of that country’s largest suppliers now.

They don’t have as much power as the Bafang kits but they are very nicely made and they perform very well.

You can find the Tongsheng 36V/48V online.

AW 26” x 1.75” Rear Wheel

A nice 1000 W kit that simply replaces the entire rear wheel set up on your bike.

It has more than one mode of operation and you can easily switch between pedal assist and full electric modes.

You can find the AW 26” x 1.75” Rear Wheel online.

AW 26” x 1.75” Front Wheel

This 1000 W kit is another front wheel option and please remember that these aren’t ideal for off-roading but they’re great in cities.

They are much easier to install though as you won’t need to remove the chain to get it working.

You can find the AW 26” x 1.75” Front Wheel online.

Tongsheng TSD72 Mid Drive

A very light and simple mid-drive replacement that “just works”.

You will, however, end up replacing all gears and chainrings that you have at the front of your bike.

The only downsides to this model are that you only get pedal assist there’s no throttle functionality and you must buy a battery separately.

Last Word on Electric Bike Kits

Electric vehicles are not perfectly environmentally friendly, but they are a huge step in the right direction and massively cleaner than the gasoline vehicles of yesteryear.

Of course, it’s also true that e-bikes aren’t for everyone and there are other options for travel. We’d recommend checking out our list of the top electric motorcycles if you want something with a bit more power.

Alternatively, you might want something that’s just as easy to get around on but easier to put away and avoid parking fees when you get to your destination and if that’s the case, you should check out our top 10 best electric skateboards. They’re a huge amount of fun too.

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