Top 26 Best Electric Bikes Brands for 2022

Our search for the best electric bikes – or eBikes if you prefer – was a lot of fun for the whole family.

To be fair, it was impossible to test out every single brand so we relied on suggestions and recommendations from some trusted Whole People team members.

Urban pollution and congestion. Rising gas prices. There’s never been a better time to get yourself an electric bicyle.

And these aren’t your parents clunky old electric bikes.

These are sleek, stylish and extremely practical ebikes!

We’ve got the right electric bike for you with the best e-bikes for urban commuting and off-road adventures.

Best eBikes Brands


Specialized – established 1974 have had a huge impact in the bike industry, even creating the first production mountian bike.

specialized logo

They were riders and wanted to innovate the market, that fact has guided their every decision since 1974.

specialized turbo creo is one of the Best Electric Bikes

This model is the Specialized Turbo Creo SL and is a road bike.

The Turbo Creo SL isn’t just the lightest of its class, but also offers electrical-assistance to 24mph, a range of up to 120 miles, and many more great features.

Specialized offers tons of variations of different electric road bikes and mountain bike to suit your needs.


blix logo

Blix founded in 2014 by Pontus Malmberg, who grew up in Sweden, where a third of the people ride bikes to work and around town.

blix blue ebike

The mission at Blix was to see bikes become a more sustainable and popular mode of transport in the United States.

This is the Blix Sol Cruiser Bike, sort of a laid back city or beach cruiser paired with the soft cushy seat, wide handlebars, and powerful motor.

Rad Power Bikes

rad power bikes logo

Rad Power Bikes’ founder Mike Radenbaugh built his first eBike in 2007 as a way to get to high school and back, and became totally obsessed.

Mike always knew eBikes were the future of transportation. In 2015, he and his childhood friend Ty Collins joined forces to bring Rad Power Bikes to the masses.

rad power bikes ebike

The new RadRover 5 seamlessly blends rugged capabilities and exceptional comfort. Being their flagship bike it is perfectly capable for a casual ride around town, off-road adventures, and everything in between.


pivot cycles logo

Pivot’s Shuttle eBike is everything that’s great about mountain biking – only now, you get to experience more of it. Way more.

Shimano’s STEPS eMTB system surprisingly, significantly amplifies your capabilities, enabling you to ride harder, ride further, and explore routes you had thought were impossible.

pivot cycles black ebike

The Shuttle features progressive geometry, an ultra-capable suspension, and a state-of-the-art lightweight carbon-fiber chassis that magically makes you a better rider in the most demanding terrain. 


yamaha bicycles logo

Yamaha invented the world’s first electrically power-assisted bicycle in 1993. Since then they have been constantly innovating to deliver the best and most easy-to-use power assist systems.

Their center drive systems use sensors to precisely measure your pedaling force, the bicycle’s speed and pedal cadence to add just the right amount of power to the drivetrain.

yamaha ebike

The Yamaha Wabashis capable of handling all sorts of terrain conditions, the Wabash is the bicycle equivalent to the word “and”.

Road and Mountain. Pedal and Power. Man and Machine. Rock and Roll!

Batch Bicycles

batch bicycles logo

Are you looking for a bike brand that is reasonably priced, has high quality components and doesn’t require you to assemble it yourself? 

Well, Batch is the bike company for you. For the average consumer wanting just a bike.

batch bicycles ebike

The pedal assisted power of the Bosch motor they use will help you go faster and further on your everyday rides.

Built for the recreational rider who is looking for an extra push to go out and ride more.

Civia Cycles

Life is about more than getting from one place to the other. Civia believes there is richness in the space between, and that biking is a better way to experience that space in between travel.

For Civia riding is simply about enjoyment, whether it’s a casual cruise around the neighborhood or riding to work.


Civia’s North Loop is designed for a lively ride, with handling intended for casual commutes and some fitness.


aventon logo

Aventon are committed to building the best-value bikes in the industry. Bikes that are fun to ride without compromising quality, durability, or comfort.

They are passionate about bikes because they believe that bikes can change lives through the freedom of mobility.


The Aventon Pace 350 provides both pedal assist and full throttle abilities, a light weight, simple controls, and a easy to read display.

The Electric Bike Company

the electric bike company logo

The Electric Bike Company strives to provide the best US built custom electric bicycles in the world.

Built entirely in Newport Beach, California, USA, with high-quality materials. Their bikes are completely customizable, from color to branding to accessories.

the electric bike company model s

Their Model S is a classic step-through style electric cruiser which was awarded the top rated E-Cruiser in the US 3 years in a row.


ride1up logo

Ride1Up in one word, is all about efficiency. Electric bikes are never ending fun of course, but they are also incredibly efficient.

This is an incredible opportunity to change the way you get around town, have a positive impact on the environment, your well-being, and your wallets.

ride1up core-5 ebike

Ride1Up’s Core-5 is packed with all the essentials you need. Simple, clean, and efficient. Will anyone even know it’s electric?


ecotric logo

Ecotric is in pursuit of harmony between man and nature, advocating freedom, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

Ecotric features many different bike styles to fit your needs, foldable bikes, cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes and more.

ecotric foldable bike

This bike from them is a foldable bike and features large or fat wheels for stability and rough terrain.


swagtron logo

At Swagtron everything is about mobility. They offer a many different style of eBikes for you to choose from.

Swagtron is also a budget-friendly brand of eBikes to shop from.

swagtron black ebike

The efficiency of a classic city bike battery-powered for modern commuting.


haibike logo

Haibike was founded in 1995, in the small German city of Schweinfurt. Specializing in high quality, high performance bikes.

Having won many awards for their eBikes in the past, Haibike is highly respected in the eBike world.

haibike mountain ebike

No mountain is too high or challenge too great for Haibike’s top model XDURO AllMtn 10.0. Beautiful looks and performance.


tern logo

Tern build their bikes with an eye for changing the world. Or at least the way that folks get around.

Tern specializes in foldable bikes, having won many awards for their foldable bike designs. If you are looking for a foldable bike, they are the people to go to.

tern foldable ebike

One of their favorite mottos is: Aim high, then aim higher. They design products with an eye towards function and long-lasting durability.

tern ebike folded

“It rides like a dream and unlike just about any folding bike I’ve ever tried.” – Electrek

Surface 604

surface 604 logo

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Surface 604 is highly passionate about electric bikes. 

They are on a mission to change people’s perceptions on what’s possible on an e-bike and to get more people riding more often.

surface 604 shred ebike

When it comes time to spec Surface 604’s bikes, they go straight for a powerful motor and assemble a component sheet combining uncompromising performance with value.


Trek e-bikes make more possible. They’re quick and smooth, with predictable, easy-to-control power and have a long-lasting removable battery that can be charged through any household outlet.

A little extra boost can lead to incredible possibilities. When you ride a Trek electric bike, there’s no ride too long, no load too heavy, and no place your legs can’t carry you. 

trek bike

Ditch the daily traffic, get quality exercise, and feel great about treading lightly on the planet. And best of all, have a blast along the way.


Benno Bikes, founded in 2015 with the goal of reinventing bike designs once again.

Not only with the goal to inspire more people to ride, but to empower them to ride more. 

benno bicycles

Benno’s eScout is the ultimate commuter bike, carrying substantial loads, fast and nimble. Engineered for strength and rigidity.


BULLS, created in 1995 in Cologne, Germany, still believe in what was important to them since day one: Building the best bicycles.  

Traffic jams and hunting for parking often make your already stressful life even more stressful. eBikes have changed that by having the ability to dodge traffic with ease and essentially park anywhere, and it’s fun at the same time.

bulls bike

Reliable, comfortable, and powerful are only a few words that can describe the new Bulls Lacuba EVO E45.

Butchers & Bicycles

butchers & bicycles logo

Butchers & Bicycles was founded on a dream to make a real difference for families all over the world.

The bikes this company makes are very specific bikes which feature 3 wheels and a large cargo bay in the front. Quite a cool design to be fair.

butchers & bicycles mk1-e ebike

These bikes are fast, safe, and super easy to ride. They can be used for shopping runs, moving stuff around, or just having fun with the kids.


cannondale logo

Cannondale was founded in 1971. Cycling was still very traditional, very conventional, conforming to some sort of rulebook.

Their founders believed that there had to be a better way. So they ditched the rulebook and cut a new path, a new way.

cannondale supersix evo neo 1

 Fast, just got faster. Hills flatten, headwinds vanish, speed prevails. This is everything you love about road riding – amplified.


gazelle logo

For 125 years Gazelle have been producing the highest-quality, most comfortable, and lightweight bicycles possible.

Their focus on thoughtful design and innovation are inspired by their love of cycling and a belief that bicycles should be a part of everybody’s life.


Their bikes feature low step-through frames to allow easy use for anyone, powerful and reliable mid-drive motors to get you where you need to go.

Moustache Bikes

moustache bikes logo

Moustache has the strong belief that e-bikes are an incredible opportunity for the development of cycling!

A quality e-bike can bring happiness, whether in an urban environment, leisurely rides, or for more intense riding.

moustache bike ebike

Moustache has the desire to offer bikes that are both unique and rewarding by combining design, comfort and ease of use.

Riese & Müller

riese & muller logo

For athletes, commuters, families, bike tourists, and for everyone who simply loves cycling.

Riese & Müller offer E-Bikes, E-Cargo Bikes, and folding bikes of the highest quality, perfected down to the tiniest detail, featuring state-of-the-art technology and pioneering design.

riese & muller ebike

Every model they offer represents a complete solution for a specific purpose. It is only through this that their bikes deliver the best riding characteristics with the greatest riding pleasure. There’s no such thing as one E-Bike for everyone, but for everyone there is one E-Bike that’s right.


stromer logo

Stromer stands for a new era in urban mobility. They respond to the challenges of urban traffic with new technologies and Swiss engineering.

They develop powerful eBike with integrated design, full connectivity and outstanding ride qualities.

stromer st5 ebike

Stromer’s flagship with maximum power and range, and exclusive high-quality components for the greatest performance and riding dynamics.

Urban Arrow

urban arrow logo

Urban Arrow were inspired to build the urban vehicle of the future, theu set out to design an electric cargo bike that’ll never let you down.

All Urban Arrow’s are modular, giving the ability to choose between different front frames.

urban arrow family

This particular model of from Urban Arrow is the Family, allowing for a baby seat to be placed inside.

The lowered children’s seating position makes for a lower center of gravity, being both safer for you and your child.


xtracycle logo

Whether you need the kid-carrying abilities of their EdgeRunners, the offroad reliability of the Stoker, or a compact cargo solution, Xtracycle has engineered a bike that works for you. 

Xtracycle has been called the best cargo bike brand on Earth. Xtracycles are the safest, highest-quality, longest-lasting cargo bikes around.

xtracycle cargo bike

With their add-on ecosystem, you can further personalize your bike to fit your needs. That’s why they say Xtracycle is Made for You.

*Honorable Mention: Opibus

For additional information on how to reduce your carbon footprint don’t miss our guide to sustainable living.


  1. I would really enjoy using this bike at my lake house! Its country so I can ride for a long long time. Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. Several of our neighbors use their bicycles on a regular basis. It would be fun and would provide exercise and boost fitness levels.

  3. This would be amazing. I would still be able to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. When I get tired the Bicycle Takes over. Bicycle Riding is now unlimited rather than limited.

  4. So much fun! I have been thinking about how much fun it would be to put one on the back of my husband tour bus. I would take my bike to go tinker around the area where my husbands band would be performing at. 🏍

  5. I would love one of these electric bikes, to travel farther around my neighbourhood, in a safe manner, without putting undue stress on my knee joints.

  6. As we are transitioning into retirement for a healthier lifestyle so appreciate an e-bike. My husband continues to ride but I can never keep up with him. This would be an answer to do this together without having him have to stop so frequently to wait for me!


  8. My daughters electric scooter was stolen by a “was” dear friend of our family (we pray for the Friend still). And this is what my 10yr old wants now instead. She would completely enjoy it! It would be a great Blessing to Jayanna, my daughter.

  9. i am a disabled Army veteran I served for 24years I would love to have that back to keep me in shape and so i can ride with my Grandkids but just in case I give out of energy I will have the electric bike to help me out Thank you for this opportunity

  10. I desperately need transportation after having mine totaled, along with me, by an underinsured cellphone using idiot whos inadequate coverage didn’t leave enough for another vehicle for me. My uninsured motorist coverage maxed out along with my P.I.P. & my personal health insurance had to pay for my final surgery. The disabilities I am left with make walking far difficult but scootering would be perfect!
    GOD BLESS YOU for giving someone a chance.

  11. I love electric bikes but would love one of my own. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Great and informative post also-thanks

  12. I especially like the Urban Arrow and Xtracycle electric bikes for their practicality and versatility for both work and family uses.

  13. in our time of hardship and the COVD-19 virus to go biking will help you and your family to have have fun and stay healthy

  14. At some point, I won’t have the fitness to ride my bike, then I would miss my ride outdoors, my usual path, and my bench visit with the black squirrels who know me, so an electric bike appeals very much to me.


  16. My ebike just got stolen from me someone just grabbed it out of my driveway left it for not even 10 min sad I cannot afford another one so this would be a miracle thanks so much for the chance to win

  17. i would love to win this electric bike and get myself some exercise i ve had a very bad year my mother passed away from cov19 on march 16th and now my oldest son who is 32 years old has just found old 2 days ago that he has colon canser my son served in the army to have this now to deal with he has 2 small little boys i just need something to do to get my mind off of the pain i feel i feel helpless winning would mean a lot right now thanks for giving us a chance to try to win this amazing bike


  19. I had no idea that there were so many electric bikes. I live in a small town where a bike that is electric would be perfect for running around. I think it would be nice to put a fishing pole holder on the bike and go fishing for the day since they get such great mileage per charge. wish everyone the best of luck.

  20. We got to the coast often and would love to show this off around town! Not to mention all the wonderful areas to ride around our home as well!

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