10 Best Electric Skateboards for 2022

Did you know that the first motorized skateboards came into being around 1973?

Sadly, for us and the planet, they ran on gasoline which is super polluting.

However, these days this is no longer a concern and you can easily find premium electric skateboards that run smoothly and get you from A to B in style without any downsides for the Earth.

Our choices for the very best electric skateboards for this year aim to offer options that will suit every skateboarder and their individual needs.

It's not exactly one skateboard that fits all. Electric skateboards are very much tailored to their owners.

There is a wide range of options – from the basic and budget models to high-end luxury skateboards. Your budget often comes down to how often you intend to ride electric skateboards as your means of transport. You have to do some swap math.

However, if you want a great ride, none of these models will let you down.

Inboard M1 Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboards

You get 7 miles on a single battery with this board and it’s easy to carry a spare in your pocket that gives you a 14-mile gap between charges. That's a solid maximum range.

Hub motors like these are absolutely solid, though the most powerful electric skateboard will have dual hub motors.

The battery pack is certified by the TSA, so you should have no problem taking it further afield either.

We love the fact that it comes with a high-quality carry case.

It has a one-year manufacturing warranty which is good but not exceptional either.

The only downside we can think of is it’s a bit reluctant to accelerate. High speeds are possible in every riding mode but the board battery is pretty slow to take you there.

You can find the Inboard M1 Skateboard online. It's an excellent high-performance electric skateboard.

Boosted 2nd Gen Dual + Standard Range Skateboard

Standard Range Skateboard

Boosted are a major player in this market and it would be odd to find a list without one of their boards on it.

This is a light and easy to maneuver skateboard which will do heavy milage if you want it to but it will only do that mileage at around 6 miles at a time which is the maximum mile range of the battery life.

The 22-mph top speed and range is excellent though.

You can find the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual + Standard Range Skateboard online.

Skatebolt Longboard

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Longboard

A good value for money board with an excellent top speed of 25 mph.

It’s well-rated for safety too which is something that we think is important.

However, the lithium ion battery is not TSA compliant, so if you want to travel – you’ll need to go by land.

Worse, the battery housing comes loose in repeated use and you will find that you have to keep tightening the screws, it’s not a deal break but it is a hassle.

You can find the Skatebolt Longboard online.

Teamgee H5 37” Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H5 37” Electric Skateboard

This has a wireless remote control as part of the setup and that makes it amazing for the ability to make it go wherever you want it to.

It runs light at only 200 lbs. of supported weight, though.

You can get an easy 22 miles per hour out of it and the battery only needs 2 hours to charge. Don’t drop the remote though, it won’t stop moving.

You can find the Teamgee H5 37” on Amazon.

Blitzcart Hurricane Electric Skateboard

Blitzcart Hurricane

If you’re a little on the heavier side for a skateboarder this model can support up to 250lbs.

It’s a relatively low cost model too and we really like the fact that this didn’t mean they cut any corners on the safety features.

The downside with this board is battery charging time at nearly 3 hours – you may need to wait a while at your destination before you do a return trip.

You can find the Blitzcart Huracane online.

Koowheel D3M 2nd Generation Electric Longboard


With a top speed of nearly 25 mph this is a very speedy board, indeed.

It has two motors for fine control over the riding experience and the Canadian Maple Wood flexible deck give it a pleasing flex beneath your feet, giving you a comfortable ride.

You can swap the battery out super quickly if you want to carry a spare – 15 seconds and it’s done.

You can find the Koowheel D3M 2nd Generation Electric Longboard online.

SWAGTRON Swagboard NG-1 Classic


Cheap and cheerful might describe this board.

It’s got a decent range of 10 miles and will run at 11 mph, though the battery isn’t the best but at this price, we didn’t expect it to be, and the remote control works just fine.

The big downside is that it’s not waterproof and we can think of dozens of places where that is a deal breaker.

You can find the SWAGTRON Swagboard NG-1 Classic online.

Bamboo GTR All Terrain


The Bamboo GT series is manufactured by Evolve and let’s not beat about the bush – this is an expensive board.

However, you get 21 miles of range which is huge for even the top electric skateboards and you can run at up to 26 mph while you cover it!

As you’d expect though that makes for a long charging cycle and you need 4 hours from a flat battery to full power.

You can find the Bamboo GTR All Terrain on the Evolve Website.

Vokul V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser


With a very affordable sticker price the Vokul might make the perfect entry-level electric skateboarding experience for someone.

It can run for to 10 miles but only at a maximum speed of 13 mph.

The built-in regenerative braking system is sold though and it arrives fully-assembled, which made us very happy, indeed.

You can find the Vokul V1 New Electric Skateboard Cruiser on Amazon.

Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard


This one is for kids. Please don’t pick this up if you’re a big grown adult because it won’t last long but you’ve got kick-to-cruise technology which means your kids can enjoy the ride without too much effort at a max speed of 9.3 mph.

There’s no break though, you stop it by leaning heavily back or leaping off the board while its in motion.

That’s another reason to leave it to the kids.

You can find the Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard on Amazon.

Last Word on Electric Skateboards

The perfect electric skateboard is a really cool way to get around and we hope you’ve found our guide to the 10 best electric skateboard options helpful. It’s easy to put a skateboard away when you get to your destination too and that means fewer parking fees in life. Which is always a good thing.

Of course, we appreciate that skateboards aren’t for everyone and if you’re looking for something eco-friendly that’s a little less close to the ground then you might want to check out this years picks for the greatest electric motorcycles. Or perhaps an electric scooter would be more your speed.

Have fun! Play safe!

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