Top 10 Ethical Underwear Brands Recommended by Experts

Having trouble finding the best ethical underwear brands for you and your family?

One of the main challenges people encounter after embarking on a journey towards an ethical closet is the question of where to buy underwear.

To help those of you still on the search for your favourite ethical underwear brands, we’ve compiled a list of the top sustainable fashion brands that are producing ethical underwear.

This list features brands with different styles and from various corners of the world. Many offer both men’s and women’s collections, while others are more focused and only offer women’s underwear.

Organic Basics

Organic Basics is easily one of the best-known ethical clothing brands.
Their pieces are made to be worn every day and provide maximum comfort.

To make their underwear antibacterial and heat regulating, Organic Basics weaves silver into organic cotton – a unique technique called SilverTech.

Besides minimalist men’s and women’s underwear, the company also offers a variety of bras, bralettes, t-shirts and other high-quality basics.

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If you’re looking to support a brand that’s inclusive of all sizes and genders creating fun garments in a tomboy style, check out Tomboyx.

Their site isn’t sectioned into ‘men’s’ and ‘women’s’ – in the name of inclusivity, you can choose what you like without letting the labels ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ define your choices.

Black and white or fun patterns? This brand has got it all.

tomboy garment

The brand uses only Oeko-Tex 100 Certified cotton and crafts their pieces in factories owned by women and paying fair wages to their employees.


Hemp – one of the most sustainable materials in the world, if not the most sustainable fabric of all.

WAMA uses this miracle material, alongside organic cotton and a little spandex for stretch to craft their sustainable women’s and men’s underwear.


Thanks to hemp being produced on a smaller scale than other fabrics, it is usually produced on smaller and more ethical farms than, for example, cotton.

If for any reason, you’re not happy with the piece you have ordered, WAMA will send you a replacement in a different colour or size without the need to explain.

Lara Intimates

Any lady looking for underwear and bras that are a little sexier and inclusive of any body type will love Lara Intimates.

Lara Intimates

The brand uses scrap mesh fabric which has been rejected by other brands to craft their size-inclusive range in their factory in London.

The use of deadstock fabric makes their production one of the most ethical and sustainable, since it makes use of what would otherwise become waste, with no need for the making of new material.


Proclaim is all about skin tone inclusivity.

They specialise in crafting high quality ‘nude’ pieces of underwear, as well as bras, for everyone.

As shocking as that is, they are one of the few brands offering more nude shades than just the one for pale skin. Their range is also incredibly size inclusive, ranging from S to XXXL.


Proclaim underwear is made in Los Angeles, to ensure high-quality working conditions and easy monitoring with a low carbon footprint.

Most of their garments are made from TENCEL (which comes from wood pulp) and Repreve (recycled polyester fibres).

As a cherry on top, all of their packaging is recycled and recyclable.


If classic and neutral styles are not your vibe, the New Zealand based brand Thunderpants will be your favourite. Plus, they get major points for the coolest name in town!

Their collection is full of fun and colourful prints for those who like to get playful with the garments they wear daily.


The company also has an off-shoot in the US and manufactures all their pieces in those two countries (New Zealand and the US) from organic cotton.

You’ll dress the whole family with their range, as they offer women’s, men’s and children’s pieces on their website.

Azura Bay

Azura Bay is different from all the other brands of this list, as they do not offer their own range.

Instead, they have curated a collection of carefully chosen ethical and sustainable brands including better-known and smaller labels alike.

azura bay

When shopping on their website, you can be sure strict ethical and environmental standards are adhered to and you don’t have to spend time researching the brands – they do that for you.

The company is also affiliated with three different charities – Because I am a Girl, WWF and Nature Conservancy of Canada.

When you make a purchase, you can choose which of these will be supported from a part of the proceeds.


Pact is a brand focused on manufacturing organic cotton underwear and bras, both in neutral colours and fun lively prints.

Their entire supply chain is monitored to be as ethical as it can be, from the harvesting of organic cotton to the moment you hold their pieces in your hands.

pact apparel brand reviewed

Besides the men’s and women’s pieces, they also have baby’s and children’s pieces on offer to cater to the whole family.


Here’s another brand you’ll love if high-quality, super-versatile pieces are what you’re looking for.

Their range is made entirely from organic bamboo and viscose.

boody brand

Thanks to the use of bamboo, their garments are super breathable and offer all-day comfort even on extremely hot (or extremely cold) days.

Aside from men’s and women’s basics, you’ll also find activewear as well as children’s pieces on their website.


Woron is a Danish family-owned brand specialising in crafting minimalist sustainable essentials that can be worn every day and last for years to come.


The materials they use are organic cotton and beech wood modal, without the use of any toxic chemicals or harsh dyes in their supply chains.

The super-comfy garments are crafted in ethical factories in Italy, Turkey, Hungary and Germany, fighting for an ethical switch in the fast fashion industry.