Top 10 Green Living Blogs, According To Treehuggers

Going green has never been more popular. A recent poll by Forbes revealed that 77% of people want to live more sustainably and 88% of people want to make a positive change in the world. 

A common challenge is knowing where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite green living blogs, so you can get sustainable living inspiration and tips from the people who’ve already started on their learning journey.

Wellness Mama

Katie Well is the award-winning blogger that runs Wellness Mama.

She’s a mother of 6, so you can see where the title comes from.

Best Green Living Blogs

She wants to help families make a positive change to healthier and much more natural lifestyles and she has loads of tips to help with that. 

The Kind Life

Alicia Silverstone, yes that Alicia Silverstone, runs The Kind Life and it’s one of the best resources for vegetarian and vegan recipes that you’re going to find. She’s the kind of eco warrior princess that shows that the zero waste lifestyle.

the kind life

She’s also big on being kind to the planet.  This is a sustainable living blog that really stands out in a crowd of green and sustainable living blogs. We like the focus on healthy living and natural living in an eco friendly way that is always environmentally conscious.

Nature Moms Blog

Nature Moms is the brainchild of Tiffany Washko who teaches practical tips for a more sustainable life as a true lifestyle choice. You’ll learn how living green, wearing ethical fashion, getting involved in natural beauty, embracing green technology, and opting for sustainable style will help you save money as well as live better.

nature moms blog

She helps you to better understand people, products and events that can drive a gentler touch on the environment.  This is the kind of eco warrior that everyone can get behind and the emphasis on healthy living is awesome too!

Green Global Travel

You can’t travel the world in perfect harmony with the planet but you can come close.

green global travel

Mary Gabbett and Bret Love do just that and they want to share their experiences and understanding of ecotourism to help you travel more sustainably on Green Global Travel

Green Living Ideas

If you want a mega-resource to fight climate change for future generations then this blog’s Ideas are for you. They’ll hope you to a more sustainable lifestyle in family life, food culture, small space living, conscious consumption and so much more.

They have a large team of writers and researchers focusing on nearly every aspect of sustainable, planet-friendly living. The sea turtles will owe them a debt of gratitude if they are saved by eco friendly habits being adopted by the masses.

green living ideas

It’s easy to find actionable ideas you can use right now on this blog. 

Eco Child’s Play

This began with a very tight focus on children’s toys and how they could be more eco-friendly and how families could adapt to a green lifestyle in everyday life.

eco child's play

But Jeniffer Lance has expanded the remit of Eco Child’s Play now to give you a more comprehensive parent’s guide to green parenting practices. You’ll find eco friendly lifestyle tips, practical solutions, and even reviews of books on green habits.

Groovy Green Living

Groovy Green Living is the blog of the charmingly named Lori Popkewitz Alper who has a serious talent for engaging writing.

She’s all about non-toxic products and taking other practical steps to live a healthy and green life.

groovy green living

Her product recommendations are awesome. 

Zero Waste Home

If you want to cut down on the waste that you generate then Bea Johnson the founder of Zero Waste Home is a real expert.

zero waste home

She looks at how we can reuse, refuse, recycle, rot and reduce the waste that we generate and move towards creating no harmful waste at all.  Think food life cycles and how waste can be eliminated from your kitchen by more careful meal planning and you’ll have a good idea of how this works.

Eco-Office Gals

A sustainable lifestyle isn’t just for the home, it’s also for the offices we work in. Our environmental footprint is what’s responsible for global warming and climate change and it’s easy to have an impact on this in the office.

eco-office gals

Eco-office Gals are all about making changes both big and small at the office to bring that eco-friendliness to the corporate environment. 

From encouraging colleagues to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, to embrace sustainable fashion, to support fair trade projects, to use better food storage containers, they touch on all you can do at work to make the world a better place.

Trash Is For Tossers

Lauren Singer brings us Trash is for Tossers, an excellent resource of low-waste practices and a document of her own efforts to make the world a better place. Earth-friendly living that helps tackle global warming is easier with company, right?

trash is for tossers

There’s a lot of emphasis placed on happiness here. But you’ll also learn how to reduce your carbon footprint, turn to natural resources that are part of sustainable development (often in rural life), find books on green energy efficient living and so much more.