100 Best Inventions Of 2020, According To Time Magazine

Every year, Time Magazine comes up with a list of the 100 coolest and most innovative inventions.

Their annual mission is to compile an inclusive and compelling curation of the very best for us to celebrate and marvel over.

Products that have made our lives more interesting. The world a better place. Or are just plain fun.

We love the 100 Best Inventions Of 2020!

100 Best Inventions Of 2020

Sustainable Technology & Products

We are invention junkies here at Whole People HQ. but for now our cranky editor told us to focus on the inventions and products on the list that contribute to make our planet a beter place.

100 Best Inventions Of 2020

We know you’ll love some of them as much as we did so we’ll be featuring some of these products on the blog in a dedicated post to celebrate their groundbreaking and earth-saving achievements.

We know that you’ll love the innovations from Allbirds Sneakers, Beewise Smart Bee Hive, Macha Making Machine, Climate Focused Skincare and many more!

We’re blown away by some of the unique and fascinating new products and technologies. Humans are amazing!

For the complete Best Inventions of 2020 list go here.

There’s also a handful of new and excting products that don’t impact sustainability but we can’t take our eyes off them!

The Dyson straightening iron – The Corrale – is an engineering marvel. The Sony a7C camera is absolutely leading the pack in terms of value. It’s on our wish list! We’d love to do a review of it… hint, hint Sony!

We also love Ammunition’s designer lighting (which uses 3-D printing to keep costs low), and the Volleback jacket which kills viruses and bacteria while looking amazing!

If you’d like to join us in making the world more sustainable, why not check out these apps that can help you reduce waste and lead a more eco-friendly life?

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