Top 6 Best Monthly Vegan Subscription Boxes for 2022

Yes, we know, you can do all your shopping online from your local store now but where’s the fun in that?  We like a little surprise in our lives, and we bet that you do too. 

That’s why subscription box services rock. 

For a small monthly fee, they delivery a bunch of awesome products to your door that might never have appeared in your local store and that you might never have got to try otherwise. 

Variety is the spice of life and our 6 best monthly vegan subscription boxes are the ticket to a varied and interesting vegan diet.  

It’s all too easy to get stuck in rut when you’re pushed for time and shopping is time consuming but this is the best way to break the monotony and enjoy ever last minute of your plant-based lifestyle.  


Urth Box best monthly vegan subscription boxes cost $12.99 a month. However, it’s worth noting that you only get that price if you agree to a longer-term subscription – they charge more for their boxes on a one-off and short-term contract basis.  

However, they contain a bunch of tasty vegan snacks and it they ensure that every product is fully marked with all the ingredients.  

We’d advise keeping an eye on these before you consume something because they don’t guarantee that everything is 100% vegan even though it usually is.  

The same is true if you’re look for gluten-free meal kits – this meal kit is usually gluten-free but not always.

One interesting aspect of their service is the office catering box which is $199 but contains more than 100 full-sized products to share with your team and coworkers.  

The loyalty program that they offer is a nice touch too and you can earn points for discounts or free products. That makes this one of the best vegan subscription boxes that we tried.

You can find Urthbox at their website. 

Trifecta Nutrition 

From snacks to full-fledged meals. 

Let’s be fair, some of us are super busy all the time, and if you’re working out on top of a regular job the chances are that you don’t have a lot of time for meal prep. The vegan lifestyle is a bit of extra work on top.

That’s when you need the Trifecta Nutrition box a top contender in our best monthly vegan subscription boxes.  

It includes every meal that you need, and they customize these meals to your specific dietary requirements too. That makes leading a vegan lifestyle super easy.

Vegan meal plans rock and they support healthy eating and help you lose weight.

The ingredients are all-natural and organic and they vacuum seal the meals to ensure freshness rather than freezing them. .

They’re very easy to make too when they arrive. Yum.  

You can find Trifecta Nutrition at their website. . 

Vegin’ Out

Vegin’ Out is an excellent subscription box that contains full weekly meal plans as well as the ingredients that you need to make those meals. 

It’s a bit more work than Trifecta but it does give you the satisfaction of home cooking.  

You know that this is a good box because Alicia Silverstone is a fan of this product. 

You can get a full nutritional breakdown of every meal on their website too which is a nice touch. 

The only downside is the shipping costs which go up the farther away from Los Angeles that you live.

You can find the Vegin’ Out box on their website. 


Veestro is a scheduled full vegan meal delivery service and you can choose exactly what meals you want and when you want them to turn up. 

There are 50 choices and they’re all healthy and packed with nutrition and goodness, no wonder they feature in this list of best monthly vegan subscription boxes. 

None of them take much more than 5 minutes to heat up before they’re ready to eat too. 

They offer a bunch of different options including nut-free, kosher, no soy, low-calorie, high-protein which is nice if you want to eat in a certain way. 

What don’t we like? The lack of fresh products in the boxes.

You can find the Veestro box on their website.  

Vegan Cuts 

We return to snack services and Vegan Cuts is the ideal vegan subscription box if you just like to graze during the course of the day. It’s a vegan tuck box, if you like.

They have very strict published vegan standards that every product is required to meet before they ship their boxes. 

In addition to the snack boxes, which are amazing, they can provide you with makeup, skincare, and beauty lifestyle boxes that also feature vegan products.  

Cruely free beauty products are important to us and vegan beauty boxes are few and far between. And we do love a month subscription box.

We’re not reviewing beauty products here but we do recommend that if you love cruelty free cosmetics that you check out their beauty box.

Our only whine about this box is that it’s “one size fits all” – you can’t order a bigger or smaller box.  

You can find the Vegan Cuts boxes on their website.  

Love Goodly 

Love Goodly is something of a mixed bag.  

Quite literally, they include snacks, wellness products, beauty, and even skincare products in each box. 

If you want a load of surprises every now and again this is the way to go. 

It’s $30 and ships on a bi-monthly basis which is just about right for this sort of box. 

It contains a minimum of $60 worth of vegan products, though, which means you can be sure of getting great value for money. 

We also think their packaging is gorgeous and would encourage you to keep and recycle it at home.  

You can find the Love Goodly box on their website. 

Last Word on Vegan Subscription Boxes

Going vegan can be amazing fun but it really can help to allow more variety into your eating. 

We hope that you found a subscription box that will let you do just that as we know they’re all offering tasty and healthy products.  

We’d encourage you to check out vegan options in other areas of your life too as there are many ways to be kind to the plant through plant-based living. For example, we recently took a look at the best vegan collagen supplements and the benefits that they can bring if you’re committed to cruelty-free living.  

You might also enjoy our piece on the 15 vegan essentials that every plant-based kitchen needs. This rounds up all the basics that you’ll need at home to cook delicious and tasty vegan meals for yourself because while subscription boxes are awesome, so is homemade and home cooked food! 

And if you love subscription boxes, you have to check out our favorite natural organic beauty boxes.

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