Top 10 Best Natural Beauty Blogs for 2022

If you want to get your beauty regime in sustainable shape, then you’ll probably be looking for a little guidance to do so.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of help at hand and almost all of it’s free!

So, we went out and found the top 10 best natural beauty blogs to get you the advice you need on organic beauty products. Enjoy!

Natural, Organic, Green & Clean Beauty Blogs

Organic Beauty Blogger

Organic Beauty Blogger is a best natural beauty blog

Inga says that she started her blog because she’s a daydreamer who wanted to share her passion for organic beauty products with the world. Organic Beauty Blogger is what came from it.

She’s been going since 2013 and there’s wealth of useful information on the site about organic and natural beauty products and how they fit in the wide world of green beauty.

We really like this green beauty blogger and her haircare tips and they’ve brought our hair back to life! Her skin care tips are also amazing, she really knows her organic skin care products.

Once you’ve read our natural living guide, this is a really good first stop on the rest of the web.

Living Pretty Naturally

Living Pretty Naturally is one of the best natural beauty blogs

Another oddly anonymous but excellent source of natural and organic beauty tips is Living Pretty Naturally.

We know that the site and the brand is run by Kate but we don’t know much more about her background in organic beauty or green beauty.

That doesn’t matter though because her content is superb this is easily one of our favorite organic beauty blogs. It’s packed to the seams with natural beauty products and natural cosmetics, this is organic beauty at its finest.

We found that her guide to clear skin is one of the best organic skincare guides we’ve ever come across on the internet.

The Natural Beauty Workshop

The Natural Beauty Workshop is a best natural beauty blog

Kibby and Jay are the founders of The Natural Beauty Workshop.

They’ve got a shared interest in natural botanicals which sparked a small business that turned into a major provider of natural skin care regimes. We think they’d be big fans of our favorite cruelty-free makeup brands.

Their blog supports their production efforts but there’s no conflict of interest.

All the advice is good and comes from the heart. And if you want to follow in their footsteps, we think you might appreciate our best DIY beauty products blogs.

The Green Product Junkie

The Green Product Junkie is the best natural beauty blog

Katie, “A Native New Yorker” is the Green Product Junkie and her site is fresh, brash and exciting.

If you want more than just an organic beauty regime then you might want to give this a try.

When she’s not blogging about beauty – she’s teaching other people how to blog.

We’d recommend that your check out her awesome makeup tips and green beauty tips. If we hadn’t featured this blog here, it would have made our best green living blogs.

Mademoiselle Nature

Mademoiselle Nature is top beauty blog

The mysterious person who runs Mademoiselle Nature from Amsterdam has a PhD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

That might make them the most qualified natural and organic beauty blogger ever and we find her advice to be very much down to earth and practical.

We like the way she takes a holistic approach that ties beauty to well-being.

She sums up her philosophy nicely here: “I embrace beauty. It reflects sensuality, care, responsability. People need to be pampered and so do I 🙂 I consider organic as a real appreciation of life and its quality. It is a way to fully enjoy the potency that nature has to offer, to appreciate the raw, unique and wonderful properties of each ingredient and ultimately to respect the planet and environment by choosing green.

Mommy Greenest

Rachel’s been running Mommy Greenest since 2008 and what started out as a mom blog with a slice of green on top has become one of the world’s most popular green blogs and her beauty tips are very good, indeed.

It’s not all about the beauty regimes and that means there’s much more to learn once you’ve picked your new look.

Check out her rocking her TED talk!

Vegan Beauty Review

Vegan Beauty Review is one of the best natural beauty blogs

If you want your beauty routine to be more than natural then Vegan Beauty Review has got you covered.

This is the ultimate guide to ensuring that every product you use is cruelty-free and packed to the brim with healthy non-toxic plant-based ingredients.

There’s a great list of cruelty-free companies on the site and we really like that they provide a ton of coupons and promo codes, so you can get your cosmetic shopping bill right down.

That’s a really useful thing to have.

This Organic Girl

the organic girl is a best natural beauty blog

Lisa Fennessy’s blog, This Organic Girl, was a new find for us but wow!

She’s turned us into regular readers.

She was inspired by her children, who suffered from skin complaints, to try and find a natural regime that would help the person involved as much as the planet and we think she’s succeeded admirably.

She believes in an organic, non-toxic approach to beauty that we can heartily recommend to anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Root (Eco-Beauty + Lifestyle)

root is one of the best beauty blogs

We have to say that we love the content on Root but we’re not so keen on the layout or the constant badgering to sign up for their points program.

However, we appreciate that they’ve got a job to do and that job is selling natural and organic products – so maybe this is fair enough.

We’d recommend that you check out their blog for some great tips! We love her skincare and makeup tips. Good stuff!

Organic Bunny

organic bunny is a good natural beauty blog

For the glamourous girl with a green heart or at least, so claims Organic Bunny.

For such a good blog, they’re awfully shy, mind you.

There’s no name and no history on here – so your guess is as good as ours as to why this all came about but we’re glad it did.

We think they’d like our guide to the best natural and organic lipsticks too.

Not only do they blog about makeup, but they also offer superb tips and tutorials on how to make the most of it. Tips for an eco-friendly, organic lifestyle and beauty at its best.

If you’d like to read more about natural, green beauty products then don’t miss our guide to clean and natural beauty. You might also consider looking up our favorite clean beauty influencers and check out these brilliant sustainable fashion blogs too.

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    Enjoyed reading the blog. Thanks for the bloggers list and reference links. Organic beauty products have no comparison.

  2. Hi I love your suggestions. I have been using a great company and was wondering if you had researched them yet? And if so what your thoughts are for their products.
    THe name of the company is Rooted For Good – they are affordable and so far I’ve loved their products.

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