Top 11 Natural Organic Shampoo Brands, According To Trichologists

Best Natural Organic Shampoo Brands

Our quest for the best natural organic shampoo brands had us in and out of the shower so many times we wrinkled up like a prune. Real testing takes sacrifice!

The formulation of natural hair products – particularly organic shampoos – has come a long way in the last few decades. In the past, the efficacy of organic and natural shampoos was not up to par with traditional shampoos but now they are comparable.

Here’s our honest favorites for shampoos that will not harm your hair and scalp. These hair care brands are all highly recommended organic brands by trichologists. If you are a vegan and are looking for plant-based, cruelty-free shampoo don’t miss our picks for the best vegan shampoos.

NatureLab Tokyo

NatureLab is our favorite natural, organic shampoo. It’s ridiculous how good it is. We love it.

The NatureLab products are formulated by harnessing the plant-based power of nature combined with rigorous science.

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True Botanicals

True Botanicals makes products that are pure and potent. All of their products use the highest quality ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals and fillers.

They prioritize sourcing wild-harvested and certified-organic ingredients, ensuring their production is sustainable to both the local community and the environment.

Their signature and my favorite shampoo, their Nourishing Shampoo is truely fantastic. Packed with antioxidants and being sulfate-free, it hydrates your hair greatly and is amazing for people with damaged or dry hair types.

100% Pure

100% Pure formulations follows strict organic purity standards and never contain harsh or toxic ingredients.

Their products are also naturally pigmented, free of cruelty, and 100% pure and natural of course.

This natural shampoo uses a purifying formula that unclogs pores, and alleviates dryness, itching, and flaking. It also has added hydrating properties for a healthier scalp and hair.


Prose believes that custom haircare is designed for the individual with products that are made different for everyone, continually evolving and improving with you over time.

Your unique hair goals and needs are addressed with a curated selection of their ever-growing list of natural active ingredients made to help any hair type.

Every product Prose formulates is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, mineral oils, GMOs, and is always cruelty-free.

My favorite shampoo from them is the tea tree oil and argan oil shampoo.

They can also make your formula vegan, gluten-free, silicone-free, or fragrance-free. Great for color treated hair!


Alaffia is a For Life certified operation by ECOCERT for demonstrated corporate responsibility.

All their products are also Made Safe, Non-GMO, and Good Manufacturing Practices certified.

Alaffia’s coconut shampoo is handcrafted with coconut oil, certified organic unrefined “raw” shea butter and ginger extract for deep cleansing and hydration and it is great for people with a hair type that tends to be dry.


Aromatica takes pride in delivering safe, authentic and efficacious products. They use natural ingredients that are safe for your body as their foundation for effective recipes that help restore beauty.

They utilize healing knowledge from aromatherapy, and using formulas inspired by the apothecary, they can attain a harmonious balance between healthy and beautiful hair.

Their Tea Tree Oil Purifying Shampoo is for days when your scalp feels heavy and stuffy due to excess sebum, this vegan prescription shampoo refreshingly cleanses the scalp and helps to control excess sebum secretion.

They also make a great shampoo bar for hair thickening and another for scalp scaling that’s great for promoting strong hair growth.

Real Purity

Real Purity have cultivated a collection of natural, organic and cruelty-free cosmetics. Natural shampoo that compliments natural and healthy hair.

They use natural ingredients – like organic coconut oil and aloe vera – that they stand behind and ingredients that do no harm to the customers they serve.

This is Real Purity’s Nourishing Hair Repair Shampoo which is formulated with essential oils and extracts, ginseng and sage ensure better hair growth, and aloe vera gel provides additional moisture and conditioning.


Rahua products are known for their pure, natural ingredients and amazing performance. Their ingredients are organic and fair trade, grown in the wild (not farmed) in the virgin rainforest.

Rahua also supports the Indigenous People of the rainforest which has helped them create a healthy self-sustained economy which encourages them to continue living in the Amazon.

Rahua’s Classic Shampoo is formulated with rare, sustainably sourced ingredients, which is rich and has incredible restorative properties that leaves hair soft and silky. It is great for all sorts of hair types. This is similar to some argan oil shampoo I’ve used before.

John Masters Organics

At John Masters Organics, they believe in perfectly natural beauty. Because when you use natural shampoos and ingredients you look and feel your absolute best.

They harness the power of natural, organic ingredients, creating beauty products that are good for you and the earth.

Their Shampoo For Normal Hair is formulated with lavender and rosemary, it is a sulfate-free shampoo created to cleanse, moisturize and balance hair. 


Yarok puts all their effort into making the best natural shampoos and hair products that are both extremely effective and do the least negative impact to the world possible.

Making products that nourish your scalp with nutrients – like argan oil – that you need while also promoting wellness and strength for all hair types.

One of my favourites from them the Yarok Feed Your Volume brings really good results with its vitamins, minerals, and essential oils.

It also smells lovely, it’s everything you would expect from a natural shampoo.

Ursa Major

Ursa Major is a great sustainable brand that prioritizes providing natural products that pack all the essentials, and only the essentials.

They strive to formulate hard-working products that pack a punch while still being natural, this way you will need less product, no need for complex multi-step routines.

Their Go Easy Shampoo gets you soft, healthy, and easy-to-manage hair, with the delightful scents of balsam, macadamia and aloe vera.