Top Natural Toothpastes Brands for 2023

We’ve got the straight-up lowdown on the best natural toothpastes brands! We’ve tried them all at Whole People.

We love healthy and natural products and we love having a healthy mouth full of bright, white teeth and we love that you can put those two things together now! Yes, it’s time for the world to turn their toothpaste purchases into sustainable purchases.

No more will you have to choose between brushing with confidence and brushing with compassion. And no, you don’t have to resort to using plain baking soda, either.

We’ve found the top dentist-approved best natural toothpaste brands so that you can be sure of a super smile that hides no guilt at the planet’s expense.

But are natural toothpastes as effective as the regular kind? For answers, check out this Vice article.


This little natural toothpaste brand is all about fun and you should have a smile on your face just from visiting their website.

hello natural toothpaste

It’s bright and bouncy and fresh and vibrant. They want you to know that they’re friendly and approachable and there’s even an invitation to Skype with their CEO, Craig Dubitsky.!

Hello is all-natural. They choose flavors that taste great. Make products that absolutely work when it comes to oral hygiene. There’s a touch of tea tree oil in some of their products which is way better than any artificial flavors.

If you have sensitive teeth or need a naturally whitening fluoride toothpaste or just fancy a break from Tom’s of Maine products, this is a great brand for you.

Their people are awesome, and they know that smiles are a genuine reflection not just of the product but of what the company is and stands for.

Plus, they have their own Spotify playlist!

If you want natural, this is a great place to start.

Jack N Jill | Best Natural Toothpaste For Kids

Want to go natural but you’re not sure that your kids are going to enjoy it?

jack n jill

Then you take them to bed and ask them to brush and watch them swallow pounds of that chemical formula you currently use, even though you beg them to spit?

That’s where Jack N Jill comes in. Most natural toothpastes aren’t geared up for the sensitive teeth of children.

They’ve come up with an all-natural toothpaste formula where it doesn’t matter if your kids swallow some. It’s not a whitening toothpaste formula though just a natural toothpaste – though we rarely see kids with nicotine or caffeine stains that need them to whiten teeth through brushing anyway.

They’ve 8 flavors to choose from and they’re all brilliant.

Give your kids the gift of a healthier planet and keep their teeth safe.


This ethically made, certified organic, 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand isn’t cheap, but their toothpaste is exceedingly good. There’s a touch of essential oils about them and no sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners are in this natural toothpaste which is also fluoride-free.

lebon toothpaste

The mint version even tastes the way that the toothpaste you grew up with tasted but without any horrible chemical additives. This is an awesome natural toothpaste.

They’ve been around since 2015 and they’re made in France (which probably explains the price tag).

The packaging is also completely PEFC certified which means that you’re getting the complete environmental care package as part of the price tag.

We strongly recommend that you check out Lebon for your natural toothpaste needs.


Want to clean your teeth in a super eco-friendly way and want to do something a bit different? Then that’s where Bite comes in.

This is a toothpaste-free tooth cleaning solution.

Instead of smearing stuff on a brush and then smearing it on your teeth – you bite down on a tablet and then smear that over your teeth.

bite toothpaste tablet

If you use their subscription service, they will guarantee to offset all the carbon used in delivering you this vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free natural tooth cleaning product which is shipped in 100% recyclable packaging.

You can’t go wrong, really.


david's premium natural toothpaste

We love all Made In America products because it means you’re going to be cutting down on the miles the products travel to your front door and that’s really good for the environment.

And that means we love Davids which is not just made in the USA but also guarantees that 98% of the materials it uses will be American made too.

We found the minty formula to be very fresh and invigorating and the simple use of oils and baking soda gives a genuine toothpaste mouthfeel too.

If you want to make the world a better place, try David’s toothpaste.

Dr. Bronner’s

dr. bronner's toothpaste

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced but still completely ethical solution, try Dr. Bronner’s.

Not only is it vegan and cruelty-free but 70% of the ingredients used are certified organic too.

You’ve got a choice of four flavors and in our tests, they were all really good, but we thought the anise was a lot of fun.

We’re not sure why it should be, but we also noticed that when we used Br. Bronner’s, our mouths seemed to feel “extra clean”.

It might be our imagination, mind you, but other users of this toothpaste report a similar experience.

radius organic toothpaste

RADIUS Organic Toothpaste

RADIUS is all about family oral care and they offer a range for adults and a range for kids.

We think that’s a nice touch because often the little ones want to be just like mom and dad and with RADIUS they can be, whilst their taste profile is better catered to.

In fact, if you give the kid’s coconut-banana toothpaste a quick smell, you may be tempted to switch over to their formula too.

It’s absolutely delicious. It also carves up bacteria and plaque to leave their mouths perfectly healthy. You can’t ask for more than that.