The 10 Best Online Crafts Stores for 2022

63% of Americans participate in crafts each year. That’s a huge number!

And in North America every year $218 billion changes hands for handcrafted products. 

If you’re searching for a little extra income or something to do with your spare time, then getting involved in crafts makes complete sense.

But where do you buy the best crafting products and what makes for a reliable supplier?

What Makes For A Good Online Craft Store

The best craft stores would be ethical about the way that they treat their staff and sustainable in their supply chain. 

Unfortunately, the craft industry is a long way behind the fashion industry in terms of transparency in these respects and until consumers push for this information, it’s going to be in short supply.

So, we can’t gauge the best online craft stores on this basis, just yet. 

best online crafts stores

However, we’ve got some other, easier to judge criteria, for selecting the best online craft stores and whether you’re looking for candle making kits, soap making kits, tie dye kits or anything else, we’ve got you covered. 

We like our retailers to have a large amount of stock, a wide-range of crafts covered (though not every craft will be covered by every store) and reasonable pricing and reliable delivery options. 

And that’s what our picks for the best online crafts stores offer!


Etsy is the market leading craft brand online. It’s not a store per se but rather a collection of unique stores that form a thriving and interesting marketplace. 

It is the best place to find unique art and craft products that have been made by hand.

From standard crafting supplies to finished items (we’ve bought some beautiful paintings on Etsy), it’s all here. 

JOANN Craft & Hobbies

One thing that we love about JOANN is that they have a lot of bricks and mortar stores out there to complement their online offerings. 

joanna craft and hobbies

That means you get great customer service because you can always find someone to talk to in person rather than dealing with an impersonal call center.

One thing you may not know is that these stores also offer classes (usually for free) that you can attend and learn new crafting skills to buy supplies for!

Create For Less

As the name suggests Create For Less is aimed at giving you, the craftsperson, the best value products on the market. 

They stock thousands of different crafting items and they’re particularly awesome for sewing, quilting and crochet fans.

We like their loyalty discounts for buying repeat orders and the free delivery for orders that exceed $100 too. 


craftsy logo

Before you spend any real money on Craftsy, we’d recommend browsing through their online courses, for which you can pay just $3 for a year’s access! 

Then with each lesson they will offer you a full project kit that you can buy to get the most out of your learning. 

If you’re looking to dip your toes into crafts then we cannot recommend Craftsy highly enough. 

Jerry’s Artarama

As you’d expect Jerry’s is all about the artist and they’re our go to stop for canvases, surfaces, brushes, easels, paints and more. 

They also have a huge array of free and paid resources to help inspire and complete your next project – keep an eye out for their live events which are a huge amount of fun. 

Their prices are super competitive as well, we always feel like we get value for money when we shop at Jerry’s. 


What makes OOLY stand out for us? Well, it’s their ethical work with AdoptAClassroom. 

ooly pens and markers

The company works to support teachers through the supply of both expertise and grants to create better arts and crafts and we like that a lot. 

Their product range is really fresh and though there’s an emphasis on children’s crafts, there’s plenty at OOLY to keep an adult interested and engaged too. 

Artist And Craftsman Supply

We love the fact that Artist and Craftsman Supply is 100% employee-owned.

We think that’s a guarantee that they will treat their staff ethically in all situations. 

We also like that they have plenty of retail outlets and “America’s local art supply store” has everything you could want for crafting, sculpture, drawing and, of course, painting. 

Their regular giveaways are very appealing too and if you have a careful look on their site, you’ll also find some excellent tutorial videos that can help you progress your skills for free!

Factory Direct Craft

This family owned business offers a wealth of support and products to crafters and artists as well as to event-planners, educators, parents and even brides!

factory direct craft flowers

Yes, they’ve got everything you need to make pretty much anything and we were really impressed by their doll-making section which is absolutely awesome. 

Whatever your needs, you should check out Factory Direct Craft, as they’ve probably got you covered. 


Michaels is the biggest arts and crafts company in North America and, despite this, they’ve got a great reputation for staff welfare and fair pay. 

That means they’re one of the “big brands” that you can really trust and given the size of their business, they always have a huge range of products to choose from too.

We like their price guarantee which promises 10% extra discount if you find a product cheaper at one of their competitors!

S&S Worldwide

S&S Worldwide makes it easy to learn your crafts as well as purchase the materials that you need. 

s&s worldwide crafts

We also like their child-friendly focus which makes it one of our first ports of call when we’re working on family craft projects. 

Final Thoughts On Best Online Crafts Stores

It’s worth noting that our best online crafts stores list could easily have included Amazon and eBay too but though we’re not adverse to buying products on these mega-sites, we prefer to support specialist e-tailers when we can.

That’s because the support and advice you get from the best online crafts stores cannot be beaten. 

So, if you’re going to spend some of that $218 billion on crafts this year, why not spend it with a first-rate online crafts store? 

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