Our Fave Organic Cotton Pajamas Brands

We love a good night’s sleep and making sure you’ve got the best organic cotton pajamas contibutes to better sleep.

We find it hard to sleep when we think about the damage fashion does to the environment and, in particular, fast fashion.

The good news is that there’s a better way to do things that lets us sleep with a clear conscience: natural organic fibers that are kinder to us and to the planet.

So, enjoy our favorite organic cotton high comfort pajama brands and we hope you get a better night’s sleep from wearing them too.

Hanna Andersson

They’ve got 100% organic cotton nighttime pajamas for the whole family at Hanna Andersson.

Watch out for the family seasonal specials too where you can get a matching set for everyone in the home. They’re really sweet.

The brand is based on Portland, Oregon and bases its design on Scandinavian principles. 

The quality of the organic cotton is excellent and yes, it is GOTS certified organic cotton.

You can find Hanna Andersson at Hanna Andersson online.

hanna anderson

Made Trade

TA fully fair-trade retailer specializing in sustainable and ethical products.

They’re completely committed to the principles of transparency too – so, you can see what goes into your cotton pajamas. These neat designs are for any body shape too.

The organic cotton flannel pajama pants are so comfy! They also comply to the Global Organic Textile Standard.

You can find Made Trade at Made Trade online.

made trade pajamas


Coyuhci make men’s pajama pants in a luxurious organic cotton. Flannel pajamas made from breathable organic cotton are just so comfy!

They are a completely fair trade company and when they’re not making clothes for bed, they also make bed clothes and they’re a good choice for all your night time needs. 

You can find Coyuchi at Coyuchi online.


Eileen Fisher

A fully sustainable women’s clothing brand which offers a wide range of choices including 100% organic cotton sleepwear.

We like the fact that their workers have a say in the running of the company and are all paid a fair wage too.
You can’t go wrong here. 

You can find Eileen Fisher at Eileen Fisher online.



This British eco-friendly brand provides men and women with tasteful choices in many aspects of their wardrobe.

The organic pajamas are certified organic cotton and super soft and comfortable too. They want the world to know that you can dress and live more sustainably.

You can find Thought at We Are Thought online.

thought pajamas


Noctu is one of our favorite British brands and their 100% GOTS certified pajamas are among the best that we’ve come across in our tests of sustainable clothing.

We’re positive that once you try on a pair that you’ll be completely hooked to sleeping in organic comfort.

There are no toxic chemicals here and they use fair trade practices which is something that we wish all sustainable fashion would adopt.

Your money also goes to support the World Land Trust.

You can find Noctu at Noctu online.

best organic pjs

Burt’s Bees

Yes, the brand that brought you the kindest and most natural lip protection products has branched out a little and now they offer 100% organic cotton pajamas for the whole family.

We love Burt’s Bees and we love their Climate Friendly Pledge and their super comfy pajamas too. 

You can find Burt’s Bees pajamas online.

burts bees

Monica and Andy

Family pajamas are the name of the game at Monica and Andy. They’re not 100% organic cotton as there is a small amount of Spandex added to the blend which makes them last longer.

Their products have been worn by over 150,000 babies and they are extra gentle. 

You can find Monica and Andy at Monica and Andy online.

monica pajamas


If you’re looking for certified organic fair-trade PJs for your kids, then Mightly is the right place to go.

They’ve signed up to the same Climate Friendly Pledge as Burt’s Bees and their products are not only very comfortable, but they offer a wide range of choices too.

Mightly is an excellent choice for your kid’s PJ needs. 

You can find Mightly pajamas online.

mighty pjs