Organic Green Tea Brands We Recommend In 2023

We took a very level-headed approach in our research into the best organic green tea brands. We sat down with a cuppa and mulled things over with the cat on our lap.

Being avid tea drinkers ourselves, we love a nice relaxing cup of tea and we’d encourage everyone to enjoy the healthy taste of green tea.

However, it can be hard to identify which brands are environmentally friendly amid all the greenwashing.

We’ve done the hard work for you and tracked down the best green tea brands, so that you can sit back and drink green tea in contentment.

Bigelow Organic Green Tea Bags

Green Tea from Bigelow

In our opinion, Bigelow Tea is the best value tea on our list.

Bigelow is blended and packaged in the US and has been family run since 1945.

That was the year the founder – Ruth Campbell Bigelow – created their first tea called Constant Comment. They describe it as “a strong, flavorful black tea blended with aromatic orange peel and sweet warming spices.”

It’s the perfect everyday tea and delivers a generous dose of healthy antioxidants and general health benefits in every cup. Don’t miss it.

You can find Bigelow Ceritified Organic Green Tea Bags online.

Organic India Tulsi Green Herbal Tea Brand

Herbal Tea

These are guaranteed vegan, certified organic, and as the name suggests this tea hails, somewhat unusually for green tea, from Indian and not China.

It was the first green tea variety company in India to receive the LEED certification for commitment to the wellbeing of their community too.

The tea is fantastic to taste.

You can find Organic India Tulsi Herbal Green Tea online.

Prince Of Peace Organic Green Tea 100 Bags

Prince Of Peace Organic Green

These 100% certified organic leaves of green teas have been pan fried (it’s an ancient Chinese tea preparation technique – not some bizarre new-fangled thing to do to tea).

That means it’s got a darker color and a somewhat smooth taste as we find organic green teas tend towards.

They’re very good value for money too and once you’ve brewed green tea from these, you’ll see they can easily compete with posh but pricey options like matcha green tea, sencha green tea, or tea crystals.

It’s very low on caffeine as well, it’s very close to being a decaf green tea, in act.

You can find Prince Of Peace Green Tea 100 Bags online.

Teas’ Tea Organic Unsweetened Pure Green Tea

Pure Green Tea

Sometimes, you don’t want to make a tea, you just want to reach into the refrigerator and grab an Iced Green Tea and this Teas’ product is perfect for that.

It’s got a strong taste which is packed with antioxidants to help you stay young and healthy. It’s possible that it uses a green tea powder base to keep the strength in the slightly grassy flavor.

You’ll also find it’s crammed full of natural vitamin C too. It makes for an excellent iced tea as well, who need fresh tea leaves when someone else has done the hard work, already?

If you want a quick burst of refreshment in a busy day, we like this product. They also have an amazing jasmine green tea as well.

You can find Teas’ Tea Organic Unsweetened Pure Green Tea online.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Green Tea

Traditional Medicinals

The folk at Medicinals say that this drinking green tea is designed to help make your digestion easier and to relax your tummy.

They are fair trade, organic, and GMO-free certified green tea leaves, which is good and they emphasize that their ingredients come from ethical trading partnerships.

There’s a spicy edge to this tea which can make it really super on a cold day.

You can find Traditional Medicinals Green Tea online.

Choice Organic Teas Green Tea, Premium Japanese Green Tea Bags

Premium Japanese Green

You probably won’t drink these every day because they’re a bit on the expensive side but when you feel like treating yourself these certified organic, GMO free and gluten-free tea bags bring a delicate but intense flavor that everyone will enjoy.

The packaging that the tea comes in is good too – it’s made from 100% biodegradable materials and it’s 100% recycled too.

Sometimes a tea bag is just more convenient than loose leaf green tea, and this is much better than many plain green tea options.

You can find Choice Organic Teas Green Tea, Premium Japanese Green online.

Numi Organic Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea

Numi Organic Tea, Gunpower Green

This is a super green tea with a really full-bodied taste to it that easily made our list of best green teas.

It’s a whole loose leaf tea which has been steamed and then the loose leaf gets formed into very tight pearls.

When you make a pot, the pearls of the tea leaves then unfold to release the flavor into the brew. You can imagine it goes down very well in tea gardens in the East.

This is a medium caffeine tea that has been traditionally drunk by Chinese workers and tea growers. You might think of it as the People’s Green Tea, in fact.

Speaking of which, the tea is harvested in China and their tea garden is 100% Fair Trade. This brewing tea is made from loose tea leaves which is one of the more classic green tea options it has an earthy flavor that we love.

You can find Numi Organic Tea, Gunpower Green Tea online.