Origami Kits For Beginners Of All Ages

Origami looks so complicated when you see it done for the first time.

But with a bit of help, we can all master the Japanese art of paper folding.

These origami kits, no matter if they say “for kids” or not, are aimed at all ages!

They contain everything you need to get started (though, please, don’t buy the Kindle versions, which, for obvious reasons don’t include paper). 

Kool Krafts
Origami Paper Kit 

Kool Krafts include a very generous amount of paper in the kit and that’s awesome because we found that it took a few attempts before our origami looked as good as it should. 

There are 25 projects in the instruction book which was more than enough to keep our family entertained for a weekend as we made some really cool model animals and planes. 

Some users complain that the paper should have at least one white side in order to be “true origami” but we’re not sure that most people will care. We didn’t. 

JoyCat 90 Sheets Double-Sided Origami Kit

You might want to keep a stock of extra paper for this kit because 90 isn’t as generous as it sounds if you have the whole family trying to figure out this paper-folding at the same time.

We really loved the Japanese Print Designs from the detailed tutorial in this instruction kit and the fact that they include some stickers for further developing your models is great too.

The storage bag is a nice touch too and ensures that your origami session ends with everything put away neatly for the next time you want to use it. 

Gamenote Colorful Kids Origami Kit

One thing that impressed us about the Gamenote kit was that they include some practice sheets of paper so that you can get your folding rehearsed before unleashing it on your model.

Then the “project” sheets are each designed to lay out, explicitly, the folds and turns that you need to make to get the perfect results. This might feel a little like cheating but our youngest loved this. 

We found that, overall, this was the easiest kit to put together and even the smallest of children could learn origami from it. 

Amazing Origami Kit Traditional Japanese Folding Papers and Projects

We loved this kit and the Tuttle brand made it feel like a proper adult art project, though we note, our children enjoyed making these designs as much as we did.

You get 144 lovely sheets of paper and they’re quite varied compared to some other sets.

The instruction book is fantastic too with detailed step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow even if you’re a bit of a klutz like me. 

Japanese Origami for Beginners Kit
20 Classic Origami Models

The price reflects that there are fewer sheets of paper in this kit than in any of the others (just 72) but that’s more than enough for an individual or a couple to get started with origami.

We really like the DVD that’s included in this set though as it really can be helpful to watch what’s needed rather than read about it in a book.

The book is good too, mind you, and we appreciated the detailed history of origami and a breakdown of the symbolism. 

My First Origami Kit

If you or your little ones like animal designs this is the kit for you and not only does it lay out all the best ways to make paper animals, it also comes complete with a bunch of stickers to make them even more fun!

Our origami penguin from this tutorial was the most satisfying thing ever and our children absolutely loved it too. 

Final Thoughts On Best Origami Kits For Beginners

These origami kits are a great way to get started on the ancient Japanese paper folding art and they’re all very affordable too.

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